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Video shows trucker was using his phone right before driving off a bridge

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United States
02/26/2017 09:15 PM

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Video shows trucker was using his phone right before driving off a bridge
People PLEASE refrain from Texting /looking at your phone while driving. I was rear ended last year by a 19 year old girl at a stop light. I was hit hard enough to send me into the intersection and total her car. I was very lucky that there were no cars coming at the time. There is no reason what so ever to be texting or looking at shit on your phone! If you need to text or look, go into a parking lot.

According to WFLA, Samuel Colon, Jr. was driving his tractor-trailer northbound on I-75 near Tampa on the morning of January 4 when an unidentified vehicle cut him off. This led to a series of events that culminated in Colon crashing the truck through a concrete barrier and plunging over the side of the Fowler Avenue overpass to the roadway below. His trailer full of recycled metals hit the median barrier on Fowler Ave. and cracked open, spilling scrap metal everywhere and causing damage to oncoming traffic. Colon survived the crash with serious injuries and, thankfully, no one else was injured.

[link to www.autoblog.com]