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Message Subject The Resurrection: December 19th, 2017 A.D.. The Rapture: May 20th/21st, 2018 A.D..
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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If you doubt it, check my username. That's every thing I am saying for now, though.
 Quoting: His Excellency angel Gabriel 73818832

The abomination which maketh desolate spoken of by Daniel was set up in the generation preceding this, or about three thousand four hundred and fifty-eight years before Adam, even as the text intimates, "Behold, I have told you before." Now although it was set up at that time, it does not follow that it should not be set up again: for it is an adjunct of the kingdom of evil, and therefore will not be destroyed until the overthrow of the kingdom of evil. When it shall be set up again, the end is close at hand, and the setting up of it shall be one of the signs of the approaching consummation of the end.

 Quoting: Bridge of Sighs

Sound bit theology just won't work. That verse that you posted refers to a reference of Ante diluvian civilization which was prior to the 1st revelation given to the sons and daughters of men in the War Scrolls. A verse given in reference to. As for what happened prior to , ' ask not of the things before.'

These are all fragments prior to the 1st Revelation given ,....
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 68467244

Moshe was given that verse when the 1st true Revelation was given , that blew much of what was known of the world at that time out of the water . Hence , Moshe saying , ' ask not what was before Bereshis.'

' behold I have told you ........'' but not in speech .

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