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X What Happ'n'd with NancE and Ram...(.)(.)

Anonymous Coward
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United States
03/11/2017 08:17 PM
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X What Happ'n'd with NancE and Ram...(.)(.)
Remember the famous afterglow picture? Now we know the real story:

[link to www.newnewsnewsly.com]

"Ram and Nancy had only met in passing while coming and going to meetings in the O White House. One evening a group decided to stay late and let's just say a couple of bottles of wine were opened. Ram has always been a breast man and when he and NancE were chatting she leaned over while catching his eye. Then a little later she brushed her breast against him and slid her hand down his back. Blood started flowing into places and no stranger to the ins and outs of d diplomacy, Ram took her down one of the more obscure hallways and had his way with her. The next morning they were still aglow and thus comes the photo we know..."

PROOF: [link to michelle-antoinette.com]