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Message Subject Uk bastard government using NHS to covertly RFID microchip the people
Poster Handle HairyBarbarian
Post Content
Colour code the chips - so we know where our children are and who is near them.

We would know where missing people were - were missing foster children are - we would know who was near them.

Chip the genitals of sexual violators so we know exactly where their "members" are - and if they don't like it they can cut it off.

No more crime = lots more money in a safer environment for we the people - no paying for all the police and courts and deficits of mental health issues caused by crime - lower insurance payments - you could almost leave your door open...

chips can be used also for desexualisation - just as they can be for sexual enhancement - desexualise sex offenders; match chip to IP or computer on the dark web - bring them all down - make our world safe - then see if we need to chip another generation - by then things will be so different... I favour promoting safety health and an economy where everyone is acknowledged and reaps the benefit of their work

Higher wages - less working hours and more time to enjoy your life - flexi hours - to accommodate mre people in the workforce - bring happiness - even if it isn't the path we would like to choose as our first option - we hate the chip because it has been covertly abused - legalisation makes it monitored so it can't be abused - same as anything when it is legalised - effectively.

All them bent judges with their little boys - no more; you know the score...
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