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Message Subject Uk bastard government using NHS to covertly RFID microchip the people
Poster Handle HairyBarbarian
Post Content
You chip your dog or cat - because you worry about losing them and getting them back - you put trackers on your car so you know where it is if someone nicks it - you nano paint your bike and ask apple or whoever to locate your phone - because you want to keep your things safe and deter criminals - what about you what about your children??? You put cameras on your homes and film wrongs you see to show what has happened - we are all big brother now - you can tag your electricals to prevent theft and enhance recovery - what about us - ourselves???

If a little child says - someone did something bad - you can see straightaway who was there and where - and BOOM - take down.

The less crime there is - the less need there will be - but right now - we need a new way.

Anyway that is my 2p worth - nite y'all sleep safe sleep well - or good morning whichever xx


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