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Message Subject High Blood Pressure - Need Advice..natural remedies?
Poster Handle Truth Forever
Post Content
well, if the meds lower your blood pressure and save your life, i wouldn't fight it. Until you become healthier and would have to depend on the meds just do it. also include the garlic and coq10. when u make toast in the a.m. (if you do) scrape a garlic clove against the toast and then butter it. it is not only delicious, the fresh garlic will probably help you a lot more than the bottled variety. wouldn't hurt to try. i also EAT a garlic clove while chewing other saltier tasting foods. ALSO, try taking lithium orotate, which i highly recommend to beat stress and/or momentary, short-lived anxiety or depression. i posted a string about it recently while suffering from a lost cat.. the lithium orotate helped immensely to calm me down and take the edge off of my depression. Litium is a salt, a mineral, not a drug.
Look on "Natural News" doht com for some more ideas.
Good Luck

Thread: Anyone Ever Take 'LITHIUM OROTATE' ? It seems to take the sting of depression away!
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