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SCRYING - "She was crying."

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United States
03/31/2017 11:57 PM
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SCRYING - "She was crying."
According to myself, here is the definition of, "scrying".

Scrying: intelligent images or robotic 2 dimensional objects.

Okay, so that is sort of vague. In one story, a man put a simple drawing of his face on a card and gave it to a friend. Later that night in his dreams, he saw what the woman was doing later in the day. Of course, when he woke up, he didn't remember any of it. The next time he talked to his friend, he did something that surprised her, but he wasn't aware of it.

In another story, a Dictator wanted to see what his loyal subjects were doing all throughout the land. He ordered his demons to put an X above every doorway in the land. Where ever the X was, he could see what these people were doing.