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Italystan:14-year-old girl shaved bald for lack of a hijab

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 73467313
04/02/2017 06:58 AM
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Re: Italystan:14-year-old girl shaved bald for lack of a hijab
Bugger the Hijab.

User ID: 73584999
04/09/2017 02:01 PM

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Re: Italystan:14-year-old girl shaved bald for lack of a hijab
Wear Hija I paid my fees YOU fuck off Transcript (Partial)

:Hjb III:

Recorded on April 30th, 2016

Start of reference

... 8 places (in the Koran) where there's some reference to 'hijab'. The word hijab does not mean headscarf in any one of those references. It means separation. It means a spiritual divide between us and the heavens.

Here I have book after book put forth by the government of S***i A****a, political movements, institutions. Each one of them telling us - 'Women's Dress', 'Hijab in Islam', 'Scarf Styling'. What I see in all of this is a translation, a selling of this word 'hijab' to mean, Islamically, a lot of very troubling ideas.

One of them relates a hadith where they then say there will be two types people in the fires of hell and one of them will be women. Especially the women who do not cover and dress properly.

An institution of political Islam, called Islamism, has made the headscarf a symbol of its movement. From Jamaat-e-Islami in Pakistan to the Muslim B*********d to the government of Saudi Arabia to the use of Haradali in Cutter they have made it so that to be a "good Muslim woman" you must wear the headscarf.

Follow the money. Follow the persuasive arguments. Follow the publishing houses that are doing all this. The ultimate impact, for me, is the millions of women who do not have choice.

1979, the government of Iran made it mandatory that women cover.

We know what happens in Saudi Arabia. We know what's happening in Sudan now... The impact is not just about that piece of clothing you're wearing. It's about your access to education, to healthcare, to jobs, to all of these other issues that make women restricted in their citizenship.

Our topic is 'Clothing and Politics'. For me the headscarf has become this symbol that has, sadly, taken away from women in so many communities, from Indonesia to the United States, their full citizenship in society. 2 out of 3 mosques in America force women to pray behind a separate area because the assumption is the same put forward for why a woman has to cover hair; that we're too sexy for our hair. We're too sexy for our butts. We're too sexy for our voice. For me that has a serious, serious impact.

Brigham Young University right now is now sending women who have sexual assault cases to their Honor Code investigation office. We've decided as a society women do not have the burden of honor on their shoulders. For me, the fundamental ethical problem with the assumption of the headscarf is that 'we're too sexy for our hair' and the men in this room will become so sexually aroused by seeing my hair they won't be able to resist themselves. I don't have that responsibility. - Asra Nomani, Author, Muslim Reformer.

'That's interesting that you bring up this relationship between hijab and men. What do you think the relationship is between hijab and men versus hijab and faith?' - Head-Covered Interviewer.

Nomani cont'd

It's not as important what I believe. It's what is taught. From schools in the suburbs of Chicago to Delaware, girls are taught at a very young age that they have to cover in order to be chaste, pious, and modest.

'If we're caring about women's rights we should let women interpret the religion or their own personal preferences in the way they want. We're giving women that choice and not saying, 'No. I think this person,' or 'I picked up a book that said this and thurfore I'm going to try to make sure to vilify Muslim women who constantly are wearing the headscarf.' - Head-Covered Participant.

Nomani cont'd

So I think this tactic of trying to assume there's a vilification going on is exactly -

'I don't think it's a tactic because actually just last month you went to the DHS and said the hijab is quote, I wrote it down.' - Head-Covered Participant.

Nomani cont'd

I didn't go to the DHS.

'... on the conveyor belt of radicalization.'

You are constantly working for increased surveillance of people who look like me. This is not a conversation. This is someone who is vilifying my choice to wear the headscarf.'
- Reality Defining, Head-Covered Participant.

Nomani cont'd

I didn't go to the DHS. I guess you misspoke.

'Well maybe, I guess, the video that had their logo at the end also misspoke.' - Head-Covered Participant.

Nomani cont'd

What we're overlooking is exactly the dynamic in which we don't want to have this conversation. What happens is if you actually talk about the fact that Boka Haram k*****s hundreds of girls and then immediately puts headscarves on them because that's their ideology. What are we supposed to do? Ignore that fact that's actually a tactic of this political Islamic movement? What does I**S do the minute it gets its yazidi girls as sex slaves? It immediately puts headscarves on them because they believe this assumption these women are 'too sexy for their hair'.

'Do you believe I**S is representative of Islam?' - Interviewer.

Nomani cont'd

I**S is the Islamic State and they... do represent their interpretation of Islam. If we refuse to acknowledge that and continue to bury our heads in the sand we're going to continue to inflame this mistrust that leads to some of the distrust you end up feeling.

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