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Unconfirmed :The US has just invaded #Syria from #Jordan

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 21240516
United Kingdom
04/09/2017 05:23 AM
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Re: Unconfirmed :The US has just invaded #Syria from #Jordan
Jordan is 95% Muslim. This is all done by design. Objective WORLDWIDE is to wipe out all Christians.
King Jordan wil succeed Assad, as planned.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 74600170
United States
04/09/2017 07:27 AM
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Re: Unconfirmed :The US has just invaded #Syria from #Jordan
Holy shit my twitter notifications are exploding right now! Like 100 in less than two minutes hiding

I'm scared to go look
 Quoting: Merit

Well read fast and get back to us LOL
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 73381336

False alarm. Meme from yesterday went mini viral all of a sudden because someone shared it and it started spreading. Timing freaked me out though.
 Quoting: Merit

Would you consider giving me a list of twitter feeds you follow?
While I do not share your take on all you post here, yours is the only mind worth paying attention to here,
Great appreciation from me for your taking time and energy to slum here, I have benefitted enormously from your perspective, command of the facts on many serious topics I happen to value, AND the wisdom you contain. End of loosh gift for you, son ;)
The Starbuckian

User ID: 69629702
United States
04/09/2017 08:20 AM

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Re: Unconfirmed :The US has just invaded #Syria from #Jordan
Please accept my apologies for what some may see as a wall of text. It took two hours to both compile and write it.

There are two ways of playing the game of pool. One way puts all the balls in the pockets and finishes quickly. The other way is to hit the balls in such a way as to prolong the game as much as possible. If the game finishes quickly the results may not offer the hoped for conclusion, especially if heated and hateful exchanges occur during the event. If the game takes a long time to complete the there is a better chance of having an amicable conclusion.

For any kind of stability to be expected, president Assad has to remain in power, in his current capacity. However, he does not appear to be as much of a severe ruler as many have said that he is. No pipelines will be built through that country if he is removed from power. If he has a stern hand in use to govern his country, this is to be expected. One thing that people respect are brutal dictators, and the Muslims are famous for outdoing one another in terms of inventive brutal means of exacting punishment. Their motivation is to hasten the return of their messiah, which probably won't happen sooner than he is scheduled to return. In fact by the time he does return, those of Islamic belief may be long forgotten about, and their many campaigns of valor will be in the dustbin of history, because they experienced premature ejaculation. The Kaaba will be dismantled, and individually all the stone will be thrown into vigorous and very active mountain streams.

President Assad is under obligation to compensate the Russians for their support and friendship. Allowing them to have access to a peaceful historic seaside resort and harbor would be fair compensation. If a pipeline has to be built, it can go around. If resources are to be developed, then Syria needs to be the one that profits, not the Islamic State which is a foreign manufactured entity, much like IsRaHell. There is a reason why Israhel of antiquity lost all the lands that made up their country, and they need to review their methods of getting along with their neighbors, with the result of their country reappearing of its own accord, in order to fulfill the promises made to them from a very long time ago.

The replacements for president Assad will be far worse than the man many have maligned. The best person for the job is the man already in power. To expect the Islamic State to simply go away after a few fighters have been eliminated is laughable, as everyone of Muslim belief is a part of IS. Some appear to be less militant than others, but are expected and commanded to uphold the traditions outlined in the Quran, otherwise they are to be killed by others of their belief system.

President Trump has two options; he can either resign right now, or he can fire everyone who advised him to launch 59 Tomahawk Cruise Missiles towards the vicinity of the sovereign state of Syria. If his daughter advised him to attack, she probably needs a spanking, either with words or the physical act. My guess is there are 59 individuals who swayed his opinion. Any damages from the attack need to be repaired and any equipment lost, replaced with the same equipment, purchased from the original country of origin, not simply replaced with more advanced American military hardware. Public embarrassment from the resulting missile attack is probably more valuable than any monetary compensation for loss of life, because unless you can restore life in the way Jesus Christ did, then you have no reason to take or eliminate any. Previous thefts of goods, oil, households, other related destroyed materials, and the like should also be replace and offered in good humor for acceptance to president Assad in an apologetic way.

The narrative of the gas attack appears to be a complete fiction, and as such Mr Trump was played the fool. Those who died in the gas attack were most likely brought there, then later "rescued" in an elaborate choreographed drama. This event needs to be reviewed by at least two independent and impartial verification groups supplied by president Assad.

In many of the tear-jerking video narratives, the victims, especially the children are equated with those of the meek and mild in America. These young people may be of childlike age, but are much more adult due to both their culture and the ravages of war that the western allies have brought to them, as well as the strict requirements of what it means to be Islam. The countries bordering his country need to respect the borders of Syria, and withdraw, leaving those who were invited there by president Assad to provide security and stability.

[link to www.fourwinds10.com]
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