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Britney Spears just so happens to be performing in Israel for the first time ever. Coincidence?

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 30388162
04/10/2017 02:04 AM
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Britney Spears just so happens to be performing in Israel for the first time ever. Coincidence?
OK, so Britney has been the subject of interest for this place for a while now.

In 2016, a very huge Mandela Effect was found to have been affecting Spears's 2001 performance at the VMAs for I'm A Slave 4 U

[youtube] [link to www.youtube.com (secure)]

As you can see above, new Illuminati like symbols have been placed in glitter on Britney's body. Those of you who have original memories of this performance as it occurred in September 2001 will recall her skin was bare as she performed onstage. This Mandela Effect was discovered in October 2016 before being posted here.

Another Mandela Effect that has affected Britney this year is the vocals of her song Slumber Party featuring Tinashe. Originally the second verse of the song featured lines both Britney and Tinashe singing together - that's now gone, including the part of the videoclip that has both spears and Tinashe moving their lips along with the words. Now only Tinashe speaks. At the end of the song is also a highly autotuned voice singing "We use our bodies to make our own videos" along with Britney and Tinashe. This extra voice was not there before when the videoclip was originally uploaded to VEVO.

RECENTLY, a series of tweets from Sony Music and from singer Bob Dylan sent out messages in December 2016 saying "RIP Britney Spears 1981-2016". Reps for Sony and Bob Dylan claimed they were hacked. Among these tweets was one in Hebrew stating that Spears had passed. Multiple news reports ran that Spears had died before realizing it was a hack, but many people on GLP suspect that the elite had let the word out too early regarding their plans. The Hebrew tweet was extremely suspicious and evidence of it seems hard to come by now in comparison to the English tweets.

[link to edition.cnn.com]

THIS YEAR: Spears will be finally announcing the end to her Las Vegas contract but even before that announced that she would be performing shows in other countries during isolated dates. This is a strange move for Britney as she has never toured internationally without having a specific product to promote, but if she performs her Piece OF Me show, her latest album Glory will be relatively ignored compared to her previous hits in the showcase.

What's stranger though are the venues themselves. Britney plans to spend time in Australia, Japan, the Philippines, Argentina, Brazil, France and ... get this, Tel Aviv, Israel.

GLP has speculated before that Britney's Vegas residency may be funneling funds to the elite without her knowledge. Under the residency's rules she is merely an employee of Planet Hollywood and earns a fixed salary along with bonuses based on overall ticket sales which have broken beyond the $100 million goal they aimed for,

Why now is Britney possibly taking her show to Israel, home of the Zionists, whose propaganda is at the heart of every war from the he past 15 years? Could this be when the elite plans to enact their plan, when she steps foot into Israel for the first time? Spears will be delaying an election when she performs her historic concert in Tel Aviv on July 3. Why pick a date which her management would obviously know conflicted with a national event in Israel?

[link to www.jerusalemonline.com]

It all seems very fishy to me. It seems that the puzzle is all starting to come together. Britney has never been a normal popstar. Her death could result in shockwaves the same way Michael Jackson's sudden death did, and it would be a hell of a showcase if it happened in Israel of all places. Let's all hope and pray Britney will remain safe when she steps foot there for the first time this year.