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the whore of Babylon..the coptic church bombing...easter week....

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United States
04/11/2017 08:02 PM
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the whore of Babylon..the coptic church bombing...easter week....
the whore represents the price manipulation in the energy business and knowing that her time is short as putin's trust busting Russian far east energy project is near completion(2018), she is in desperation mode as witnessed by the coptic church bombing..

remembering that both the coptic church is orthodox based and putin and most russians are also orthodox, this act of killing of worshippers , inclusive of children,is designed to bait puitn into full scale conflict that is so much enjoyed by the whore's war profiteers....

the bible also tells us that the moon is under her feet which represents the illumination that the international energy trust directs on an event(media intel assets)..this illumination shone at its bloody best as the u.s.a. today gave us a page one color photo of the carnage(and so conveniently in the events infancy!)...also remember syria is one of the two launch points(along with present day ethiopia, Egypt's neighbor) as the bride of Christ which is his church....fasten your seat belts as the best way to really piss off entities is by killing children and attacking religions...and we thank you for your support...