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Great American (Total Solar Eclipse)

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04/23/2017 07:56 AM
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Great American (Total Solar Eclipse)
Great American Eclipse (Total Solar Eclipse)
Countdown until eclipse begins


21 August
Solar eclipse of August 21, 2017

120 days 4 hers 20 min 58 secs

[link to www.timeanddate.com (secure)]

First Total Eclipse in USA Since 1979

This is the first total eclipse of the Sun visible from all 48 contiguous United States (excluding Alaska and Hawaii) since 1979. The last time a total eclipse was visible from coast to coast was in June 8, 1918.

Alois Irlmaier (1894-1959)
[link to www.infiniteunknown.net]

“…During the war the big darkness comes, which lasts 72 hours.” “It will become dark at a day during the war. Then a hail impact, consting of lightning and thunder, breaks out and an earthquake vibrates the earth. Please do not go out of the house at that time. The lights do not burn, except candle light, the current stop

The city with the iron tower becomes the victim of the own people. They ignite everything. Revolution is, and everything is going wildly

Marine Le Pen leading the race as polls open
[link to www.telegraph.co.uk]

This is for entertainment only lala

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