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Doom off! WWIII wont happen for another 35 years.

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United States
05/03/2017 12:32 AM
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Doom off! WWIII wont happen for another 35 years.
I usually don't go on glp but for the past few weeks ive checked it every few hours. All ive seen was troop movements denouncations and sanctions. All this is-is global chess. All talk and no action. Trump doesn't have the balls to strike NK, if he did he woukd have nuked their military parade. Kim jung un will not strike the us because obviously he would lose. Trump and Putin talked on the phone just today about Syria. Doom off, but was the doom really on in the first place? We all knows rothschilds and soros controls the world. There is no profit in nuclear war (not even for the NWO) even if they do have walmart tunnels right under our feet. All of this is just a big distraction from probably Pizza Gate. Alternitive media was so close to exposing them and then World war three "almost" happens. Its all a game. Wake up.