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Message Subject De-Hypnotising Techniques - how to make sure you are awake.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Most of the country has been drugged with LSA. I've been looking for an antidote.

Repeated / regular fasting has a cumulative effect beyone a one time fast.

Regular light exercise once or twice a day helps.

fear. fear makes you take stock of what is going on - on a deep level. Expose yourself to things you are afraid of.

pain, but it has to be so strong it makes you flinch. Its tough to expose yourself to enough pain without damaging your body. It can also cast out demons.

Cultural isolation: not subscribing to the many delusions forced upon you helps your brain break free from any particular meme. Examples: rich people are "right", phd="right", police=right, persecute crime victims (stone girls that get raped), everyone is "equal."

no-fap can give you the energy to think more deeply about your life and engage in introspection, but at the same time that extra energy can reinforce hypnosis instead of get rid of it.
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