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Message Subject mandala effect = mandela effect???
Poster Handle hankie
Post Content
Because they are having a hard time explaining how it's connected to Nelson Mandella probably.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 50023508

Memories of him being dead and others claiming him being alive. I found someone who was researching, the first time some group and where it was from, that Mandela was first researched, it was earlier than here. It was South Africa, and then who look up Mandela effect first, it was South Africa by a large percentage so, that was the first, not here.

It just hung as the phrase of changing things I guess, but I have no idea what has caused some of these things. Bots, A1 redoing some writing on their own. The ones who remember different are the correct memories and proof has been found, OH, yes, in the patent office, and that also shows some later patent with the new ones. See, the things are not, a lie or as people claim that people are crazy. The ones I am concerned about are the ones who do not remember. Full scale brain wipe I guess, but I sure something will click, only when you see something that you know, you remember and it changed.

I just did not pay attention, until the maps changed then I checked.
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