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Message Subject Liberals are stupid, ignorant, & naive sheep who don't have an opinion until they are told what it is (& here is proof)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

You son are a controlled moron, very much like you describe to others, simplistic in mind and soul. Wake the hell up, you are playing out a rolle for those more intelligent than yourself. You have no proof or otherwise, just an attention whore.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 73739010

:ar 12:

Sorry, but I have a thin skin with folks, friends included whom preface anything with a stringent insult as you have or being so narrow as to define others in simplistic terminology. In truth, we could be friends, yet I would get into your face with this and yes, might agree as to your goals and conslusion.

Near my retirement, one old aquintance talked as you do, he and I went way back. He comes to my table in this small restaurant in a small town, everyone knew him and I. He interrupted me with his clap trap nonesense and defined me, a mistake. I stood and I am an oplen minded man, whom you would call a liberal not being closed minded. I showed him the door to the restaurant and told him to use it immediately or I would throw his ass out the window., He left. Of humorous note, he hated a neighbor next to his farm and was hated back. So he purchased a little farm in Mo. to get away from him. Unknown to him his neighbor also purchased a farm to get away from him. He moved to mid Mo. and lo and behold, his hated neighbor to both their horror had farms next to one another. Hate begets Karma it seems, so be cautious.

I am 78 years old and seen way to much hatred directed to other, lighten up.
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