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Message Subject Liberals are stupid, ignorant, & naive sheep who don't have an opinion until they are told what it is (& here is proof)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Sure, but trumptards are even worse...because they believe a LIE. Trump is NOT a conservative, never was. Idiots.
 Quoting: Krissy 72918567

Would like to know what your own politics are all about.

Some of Trump's critics come from the right. But most of them - particularly when they're examined closely - often turn out to be more stupidly liberal than they admit to or realize.

You may not be one of those. But to declare Trump not of the right is way too simplistic. Your saying otherwise has the ring of a strategy put together by a stupid liberal.

Trump's comments and manner through the years indicate he's not a libtard. But he can be described as politically ambiguous at worse.

Trump has been based in the world of corrupt limousine liberalism, which is the New York City party circuit. Most people have shreds of libtardism in their own mind. Donald Trump included. Everyone needs to always be on guard of what the idiocy of liberalism will do to them.

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