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TEN YEARS AFTER -Strange dream about Putin the 2nd

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05/22/2017 03:22 AM
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TEN YEARS AFTER -Strange dream about Putin the 2nd
In the night from Saturday to Sunday I had another dream about pUTIN!

Putin was going into a museum-like building, he was not alone.
It was a big room , about 20 to 15 meters in square the least.
In this room were many showcases with rare objects.
Suddenly Putin went to the ground and (an assassination?) and gave the perfect break-dancer , swirling on his head(a bullet in the head?) like a whirligig , always along the wall, and where there was a showcase, he threw it to the ground, out of his way.

pLEASE look for the older dream in the links below
or if you cant:

Strange dream about Putin
Hi friends.

Last night I dreamt of being in the town where I lived from 1969 to March last year.
The town is Stuttgart-Vaihingen,a suburb of Stuttgart.
In Vaihingen are the Patch-Barracks(EUCOM).
I was a short way above the crossing of Katzenbach-street/Robert-Leicht-Street, got out of a car and was about to walk back in direction to the centre of Vaihingen,when I saw Wladimir Putin coming from the direction where the old cimetary(graveyard) is.
I was beginning to walk faster and looked back,but Putin was demonstratively walking slow.
First I didnt realize that he was coming from the graveyard and thought he came from The University,because the Uni lies in the same direction,but the graveyard is much nearer.
Probably therefore he was walking so goddamned slow.

Best wishes,M.

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