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Subject Trump is the Whore of Babylon. The ANOMOLY
Poster Handle nok
Post Content
[link to imgur.com]

If any of you were blind before I hope you can see clearly now.

I am not politically affiliated to any party. With a logical solution like working non-stop to make the planet super self-sufficient with our new technology it is in fact controlled by the Masters of the World.

They have control over all data, the most powerfull thing in the world. How do you defeat a beast that can literally bring the whole world against you at the flick of the wrist?

An anomaly, a glitch. In this Matrix.

There is only one way to defeat a beast like that, to spread red-pilling so cited that the domino will fall at free fall speed breaking this programming.

It could be a freaking 12 season, 24 episode - show/documentary on NETFLIX (probably not).

But the point is we need to get the programming to not get to work.
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