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Message Subject My solution to handle extremism in Britain.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Bang on with what your are saying AG, The westernised Muslims must make a choice as to follow their new path and adapt to western society, most westerners will co-exist, so long as there is no religious extremism. Or basically leave, and go some where they can practice their views.

I wonder what the extreme muslims will think of their westernised brothers...could we see eventually a Muslim war ?
 Quoting: Dr__Doom

Polls have indicated that 2/3's of the British muslims surveyed wouldn't report another for extremism and 4/10 would favour an implementation of Sharia law, of which the majority were the younger Generation.

Religion ruling the mind many would have the opportunity to capitulate.

I do believe there would be a few who would stand up against it, however as I stated one or two don't represent the Community.
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