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Message Subject My solution to handle extremism in Britain.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
you can tell how much of an impact the attack on monday had amongst a lot of people, because of all the moves played to ensure people would see Muslims in a good light and anything to counter their actions and thoughts in a bad light.

As I said 1 week on and all I could see in the media was any opposition to be seen as Islamophobic and one guy blindfolding himself in Manchester, labelling himself as a Muslim and then asking for hugs of trusts.

As I call it hug a muslim day to gain social brownie points.
 Quoting: Anderson_G

Yes, we had the "Muslim taxi drivers give free rides home" story and the "Muslim doctor who worked 48 hours on victims of attack gets called name" story.

Everyone will continue as is, until their own life is destroyed by Muslims. Even then, we havent had 22 parents coming forward to denounce what has been allowed to happen. The nearest was one parent who said "Open your eyes" to the gov.

Ill tell you something else, all the new spying laws that May will bring in will not be aimed at Muslims planning attacks, they will be focused solely on native Brits trying to do something about Muslims. Mark my words.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 73646426

The Sikh who was dubbed a Muslim was one to be sick at, its shows a greater sense of intolerance and ignorance at high levels, and whats worse is that this is the Media what so many are susceptible to and will believe anything written in front of them.

Its why I've always said a child should be taught how to and not what to think, one I'm proud to say has done my little one well.

As for the Spying laws it will be interesting to see what happens post election, I'd say the laws that need changing the most are more on detention and force.

Of course people will throw mud at it but a lot of extremists are kept free simply because of Human rights and loopholes in Law, along with compensation & prosecution culture.
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