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Message Subject My solution to handle extremism in Britain.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The Imam was discussing stoning a women to death and wanted to remind his audience there was no freedom, no democracy and no human rights in izlum.

izlum is nothing more than a disease of memes......

Islam in outer space

Robert Heinlein,Sci Fi author said,” I do not write to predict the future, I write to prevent it.”

We know of many Science Fiction scenarios of doom.
1. Scientists create nuclear bombs and people use them to blow up the world.
2. The robots decide to take over and exterminate humans.
3. Scientists create a virus and it kills everyone.
4. Scientists create a nano particle that reproduces itself and turns the world to slime.
5. Scientists create a creature that reproduces so fast it destroys everything else.

My doom theory is that wherever you have intelligent human like life on any planet
the Memetic Disease of Islam will eventually arise. The reason for this is most people want to
believe in some kind of afterlife, most people are not very smart, and there are psychopaths
who want to exploit people.

Islam is not a sophisticated spiritual teaching like Hinduism, Buddhism or
the teachings of Jesus. Islam is just a collection of the basest caveman human lusts, stealing, slavery, human sacrifice, and war written down in a book. True spiritual practices are not memes or beliefs and thus they cannot be merely copied by other people. (Christianity as the church presents it is a mixture of false pagan beliefs, memes, and the spiritual teaching of Jesus)

So what will eventually happen on all planets is someone with some degree of charisma will figure out how to create a simple memplex or collection of memes, from the Greek word meaning to copy, that
will allow him to control large numbers of people for his own purpose including war. In fact probably all
cult leaders do this to some degree. And people have an innate desire to submit themselves to a higher authority. Freud called it the death wish. Geobbels said Hitler is my conscience.

So the Great Doom finally happened. Someone name Mohamed created a virus that will destroy
civilization as we know it. The virus is a mental virus program that is copied from one person to another,
usually from adults to children.

Mohamed created a terrifying memeplex that is near perfect and very simple.
1. Conquer or kill the infidels whether you want to or not using all manner of war until all is for allah.
2. Steal everything from the infidels and take their women and children for sex slaves.
3. Create an Islamic government.
4. If you die while doing the above you get (72) virgins in heaven for eternal sex.
5. If you leave islam or criticize it you are to be killed.
6. The memes of islam cannot be changed.

All the rest of the memes of islam support those primary memes.
6. You may have 4 wives, sex slaves, and concubines. This means many men will have no women
and thus looking to steal the women from the infidels or get their women in heaven.
7. Women are subordinate. This prevents them from stopping muslim aggression.
8. Pray 5 times a day and in groups. This is constant brainwashing. Continued.........

See the memes of islam at: [link to www.citizenwarrior.com]

So when all you future space travelers get to your new planets don’t be surprised if you
find the disease of islam there waiting for you. Convert or die! And the koran was originally written in Klingon!

In other words the problem of islam is an eternal problem that must be solved or else it
will destroy civilization.
Eliminating islam should be viewed as the greatest virtue.
Evil is overcome by more force more ruthlessly applied.
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