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Message Subject The Three Heads/Moons of Cerberus/Hades/Trinity God/Satan and the Underworld/Under the Dome we all live in.
Poster Handle WinterStone
Post Content
tripple moon

"100% dark moon/no illumination with dark sky background in the middle between waning and waxing moons,
means-no birth,
anti-birth, woman power and seeking career instead of family, pro-choice/abortion baby killing/it's my body movement, pussy hats, rebellion against men, and the oppression of men to the point men loose their masculinity, weak and powerless, defeated under the spell of

Our entire Nation is under a spell, the Triple Goddess of Lilith..
It was brought about during the Roosevelt/Truman period and they were in office from 3/4/33 to 1/20/53 with the cycle of 28 years x 3... Witch craft..."Man and the Moon" Man in the moon.

Change the "Presidential Inauguration" back and "divorce" put away the Demon Lilith..
Trump you are suppose to drain the swamp...well there you go..
Change the Presidential swearing in date back to Commemorate the Constitution of the United States... Get the demons out of America.

The 3 woes have been seen..
Presidential Inauguration, always during a swearing in of a second term.. "middle" of 8 year terms.

8+8+8=24 years 24=2+4=6

and on the 21st day of a 3rd Monday 21=2+1=3
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