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Subject the reason libs are so butthurt about trump winning is cause
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
They were so close to begin zeroing in on white male working men and make their lives a total miserable hell. Libs are upset because Satanism was about to rise total bloody chaos was about o start, terrorism on an extreme level was all about to start. Hillary Clinton was going to be the catalyst to the end of everything left that is good. Liberals were on the cusp of instilling a satanic world order where evil reigns supreme.

But then Donald Trump stepped in and stole Hillary's world order. He swept in and stole the show and stopped the libs in their tracks. They're still totally pissed off because they know all of their progress is being erased day by day. When Trumps presidency is all said and done, the satanoc world order will be in shambles and the gays trannies and terrorists will crawl back into their holes and he work in man will reign supreme once again.
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