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Beyond the False Image

Ryan Goble
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05/30/2017 08:16 PM
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Beyond the False Image
I am to outline the parameters that bring about man to be false to himself, and in turn, false to the outside world.

The internet

Particularly, the internet has a vast avenue for projecting this falsity, as one can be many faces behind a computer screen, and this makes a person somewhat divided in their display face to face versus online. This is a self ambivalent phenomenon.

Via my observation, man projects the worst of himself in this manner, putting on an pseudonymous name and an invisible face, for he has no tangible consequence to his personal reputation. Yet alien to him, he is creating these divisions in himself, and creating spiritual disharmony within him.

The False Image in general

How man projects himself to the world in his own eyes, and how the world views him can be highly discordant. The man tends to raise himself up and look down on others, and will bend his own version of truth around that qualifier. This then is the false image. One can spectate on debates that go round and round that are ignited by men who are projecting their false images to each other.

The biblical symbology

The false image of man, can be symbolised by the Flaming Sword that guards the way to the Tree of Life. Man projects an illusion of himself and precludes himself from the total presence of life that would otherwise be. Rather than simply exist, he creates his own illusions of existence within him, and that becomes his darkness. If man could rise beyond his false image he could reach past the flaming sword to his True Image and the tree of life. In his true image he is as perfect as his heavenly father.

Symptoms of the False Image

When a false image or illusion is threatened, the subject enacts a defensive reaction. His flaming sword is activated and comes out swinging to protect his false image. Hence, this is the inability to turn the other cheek, and the resulting adversity between people. When a false image faces a true image, the true image is a clear mirror and the false image will project his falsity onto the true image.

The past and the future as a false image

Those lost in their own false image, their mind will also be drawn inward to a non present existence, dwelling on past memory or fantasizing future moments. A true image within will be enabled to experience a true image on the outside, and have full presence in that experience. If a man is projecting a false image of himself, the outside realm will reject that image, and by law of the land, force him into the flaming abyss of his own mind, swinging to and fro between past and future. Thus, the outside Kingdom of Heaven, is revealed when the inside burden of the false image is cast away.

Death as an instant and constant force

The world speaks of death as the finality. Yet it can be, and has by some thought, considered to be a force that is apparent. Relating to the former, about being drawn inward into a non-present existence, that can be experienced as a partial death to the outside, a death to being fully present in the moment. Can one be much inside the head, and also outside of the head? Therefore, death and the false image of man are kindred in that instant perspective. To push it further, is not the final death also related? Is not the case that the elderly are lost in the past, and lose an immediate presence? So here I am more so showing the false image being the seal in front of the tree of life.

Knowledge as a false image

Knowledge requires a store inside the head. Either life is to be simple, or it it to be made complicated. Outside it is simple as there it is. Yet inside it is made complicated. Eating from the fruit of knowledge, detracts from the fruit of the ever present life. The two master syndrome again. Death to the outside, by measuring and compartmentalising the outside to the inside. The True Image of the outside is Life, yet going into the mind's tricks on the inside is False to that life. Here is Life. To measure it is to lose it. The False Image is then tied to science and all his knowledge. The True Image of being totally real as a person, is one with being present to that outer reality, without mindful deductions about that reality, which draws a man back inside his head, becoming death to that outer reality.

The world worships the False Image

Man justifies the False image of himself, but he bridges with other men in order to sanctify it with normalisation. Hence, the world is a fallen state of being, but many of its fallen ways are glorified. An example would be, memorising trivia about all the world's knowledge would be deemed as intelligence. Or Intelligence is glorified over joy, and that in itself belabours explaining. From that we can see how science is glorified, or knowledge of religion is glorified. Abouts, groundwork theory and analysis of flight, rather than soaring through the sky. Yet the groundwork of the flight itself, is the antithesis of the flight. Simple victory of being one with the True Image, is victory over the False Image. It is justified by the weightless treasure it is, throwing off the burdens of the inside of the mind, theory, analysis. Receiving the Kingdom of Heaven as would a child.

The Light as a measure of the False Image

Out of cover, there is the sky, and in day, there is sun light. If the light feels too bright, the viewer is cast inside himself, because he cannot see all that is outside of him. Even looking at the ground might be too bright, upon the white cement, so he must squint. The viewer is not fully present to the outside. He cannot look at the bright side of the world in the eye, for the Light outside is exposing his own darkness within. His False Image has been measured by the Light outside him. His False Image was created in darkness, in the dark of his mind, and the outside Light is rejecting this darkness, and the False Image is rejecting the Light. This man then is more content when the clouds are covering the sun, or when it is night, as then he can continue projecting his false image. Yet, if the Light outside is not too bright for him, because he himself has little darkness within him, the Kingdom is given to him, and he might be One with it.

The True Image is Silence

Part of writing this in portions, is that I become totally blank of mind. It is the False Image that has much to say, and little to be. I am talking about coming away from the False Image and all the piles upon piles of data, words, trivia that expound knowledge, and is it paradox that I use words myself to do this? More so it is like a bird, grabbing the attention of a man by talking, to say "stop talking and come up here", then we both can fly. The bird does not have his science or false images. The bird is under the providence of simple life. Neither does the bird carry in his wings a religous book as he is flying, but is True to the Outside, and not lost in an Abyss of the Inside. The man on his roof does not go back inside to get his bible, any more than his cloak. So, in my blank silent being, I am close to Heaven, but to open my mouth and speak these words, I am coming away from that silence, so to show a door to that silence.

Reflection of the Image

Past is reflection. Reflection always bends the light in some regard. Only new Light is True. Old light is the False Image, it is Darkness trying to remember or reshuffle the old Light. Come away from reflection, there is the presence outside. There is true Light, without Light bouncing Falsely around and around the mind, becoming more false each bounce. All thoughts are lies, because the outside is the True Image. The True Image is complete without inner definement or defilement. If the Outside Image is processed on the inside of the mind, immediately there is Death to the outside. That measurement and inner process of the outside image is knowledge, that one should not eat of.

What happens in a combustion heater? So too that is how a mind of reflection works. The flaming sword that swings to and fro with thoughts, that brings a man further and further from the present life, and the true image that is light outside of him. His mind is an Abyss full of the flame of Inferno.

The True Image of the Animate

Man's hell is then to Die from the Present reality that surrounds him, so that his eyes see little, his ears hear little, his nose is shut off. Man feels best when his senses are totally open. What then of the animal? How much more does it sense the outside environment than man who is lost in his Abyss of inner reflection and knowledge? Then it is man who creates a False Image beyond the beast, with his names of things, numbers of things, that is knowledge, and it is the beast that simply exists that has more Life, not holding to the names of Images, and the measurement of the Image. The True Image man witnesses outside him, needs no names or numbers, because that itself becomes Death to the True Image, and builds a False Image within the mind.

The false image refined through the fire

Put forth already, the false image casts man inside himself into an inner Abyss. His ease of being is shown to him when he can find the oneness with the outside presence. His inferno is felt by him when he is lost within himself. He then has a guide, to fall back into the flames of the False Image, or to Rise above it and have victory over the Image he has of himself, and receive the instant reward of the selfless outside presence. His Teacher is the instant reward away from his Inner Hell, or the instant punishment lost in the Inner Hell of his False Image. Already he has his reward. Already he has his punishment. Already the judge has put him on trial.

The false image is death to everything outside the self

The true image is death to the false image, and death to everything inside the self. If one is not outside in the dreamscape, he is apart from it and lost in himself. Therefore, the key to the outside, is death to the inside. The key to the inside is death to the outside. Rather than want to find the key to the abyss, one is better to throw it away, and lock the door to the abyss and never go back. Then by doing so one has found the key to the eternal now, not being concious of the inside self, not being dead to the exterior, which is completely what the essence of death is. Consider the trait of the elderly to the trait of the youth, and there the essence of death is naked. The older one gets the more he dies to the outside existence. He builds up a false image of himself and lives inside himself with it. Eventually so much, the True Image that is all Life rejects him, as he rejected it. To reverse that curse, to be One with the True Image, and Rising beyond the False Image is eternal and external life, beyond inner knowledge, in the dreamlike now existence, where even the knowledge that one will surely die is swallowed up, and sleep along with it.

Toil as a False inclination

The False Image believes false concepts, so therefore does false things. Adam did not toil in the garden of paradise, so how shall man find heaven unless he come away from his endless coil of toil? The snake that bites his own tail. Man exhausts himself and then from that exhaustion never can see beyond to his greater potential. He cannot reach for the faith in providence, because he is trapped in the circle of worry and fear of the future. His religion is, if he does not do this or that, he will perish. Yet the irony is that in all his faithless doing, they are what lead him to perish. He is eating from his own False tree of knowledge, and then has deceived himself that he must toil to tend that tree. An exhausted body cannot see the High realm of the Spirit, falls tired and low, and can only relate to the low realms of the world. For man to rise above the False Image, he must rise above what extends from that False Image, that hold together the House of Cards of the world that has been dealt the name Society. A True Image is not of this world. Angels do not toil, so neither should man on his rise to become.

Gravity as a measure of The False Image

The head is heavy with knowledge of many things, and of self. The mind is weighed down. The head is wounded and the body suffers at the tail. The Death force is calling. The Life force is also calling. The dust is calling Adam down. The sky is calling Adam up. The Abyss is calling Adam in. The Life is calling Adam out. He without burden walks Lightly. He with burden walks Heavy. He without knowledge can do anything. He with knowledge can only do what is known. The world walks to the grave. Heaven wakes the dead.

The True Image beyond the sun

Within the False Image, man is dead to True Presence, the world is dead, because in its falsity it walks towards Death.The resurrection of the dead, is man coming away from his False Image, turning away from the Tree of Knowledge, becoming refined by the Fire of the Flaming Sword, and being born again with the Simple Tree of Life. Adam does not need to know anything, name anything, measure anything. Beyond this knowledge is True Faith in Being and the eternal life of now.

These words go out the graves of mankind. Turn to the True Image and you will be healed. Rise above the False Image of the world. So that the sun no longer shines above. The stars shine on earth as it is in Heaven. Man rises above the image he has projected of himself.

He becomes a True Image

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Ryan Goble  (OP)

User ID: 73671881
06/06/2017 01:11 AM
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Re: Beyond the False Image
Recall always to the foundations:

Because if you fall from those foundations, you have no hope to build anything higher from it.

They are;

-Chase first the Spirit of God, not the flesh, because to chase one is to depart from the other.
-Give to those who ask of you, there is no treasure in things, and to refuse people creates emnity.
-Whatever falls upon you tomorrow that are worldly events, none of them can steal the Spiritual Treasure from you, unless you allow it so.
But if you had found the Spiritual Treasure in the first place, neither should anything bother you in the first place.

For instance, things can be stolen from you, shelter can be taken, employment can be lost. Yet all these worldly things have nothing to do with faith. If you have faith, all that happens is but an unfolding of an adventure.
But if you lose your faith, you have lost far worse than any of these worldly things. As it is with this faith that God will bring you to what you need, more than what with doubt and fear you consider you need

-Be to the point and direct.
-Rise above pettyness, and like the sun, shine regardless of what people say to you. Not to be drawn down to their level.
-Do not get haughty in teaching people kindness, the doing of kindness is teaching enough.
-Keep your Light in you, and do not lose it, in over-torching it out into darkness. Because if you also become dark, who will help you?
Rather, keep your torch charged, not losing the Light you had at first, and portion it out wisely.

It is like this. To do Heavenly work, is rewarding, and self blessing, if Heaven wants you to do that work. Ie. It is its own food. The Spirit is pleased, so the Spirit blesses who does the work it wishes.
To find a Heavenly way is a treasure that cannot be stolen from you. And then because you have found that treasure you can say to people, this is how I did so. Because people in a pit can only show people how to fall in a pit. But people who have climbed high, can show people how they rose. So the most high should be speaking, and the most low listening, yet this world is topsy turvy with the False Image of man being the Vocal Power. This tide will turn, with Good Workers.

The world's ways are like this. They encircle a Tree of Knowledge, and faith is very small. To turn away from the world, is a gauntlet of difficulty, and a Flaming Sword swings strongly against him. To be refined as a Perfect Heavenly being, is like swallowing death whilst alive. But once man has done this, he has victory.

There should be no delay in seeking victory, in beginning to do the ways of Heaven. For by doing Heaven's ways, is to bring Heaven.
But if you do not do Heaven's ways, how do you figure it shall come? And if someone from Heaven did offer you a room there, where would your eyes and ears be to accept that room, if you were doing worldly things?
Ryan Goble  (OP)

User ID: 73671881
06/06/2017 08:18 PM
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Re: Beyond the False Image
Two Master Syndrome

Faith can only be found Coming Away from Toil

In lack of Faith The False Image of Man is entombed to his Toil

The world is entrapped in this circular motion of toil under the guise of many glorified terms, such as 'productivity' and 'progress'. All definitions are subjective, yet the people easily fall sway to these power words and all their hidden assumptions they carry. Thus harder work is 'good', more jobs are 'good', working hard for an 'outcome' is 'good', and this is 'tradition', and tradition is always 'good'.

Yet, only Heaven is Good. And Adam did not toil in Paradise.

The world is a place of lies, and man lies as his natural tongue, and because of it, his spoken language is a language of confusion. The lies are not conscious lies, but they are all the upside down subscriptions that entail the human language of speech, justifying man and his 'tradition'.  Calling all he does as a Fallen Adam mostly 'good', so long as it belongs within the code of laws of man.

Therefore, to tell man to come away from his toil, is preposterous, as the definition holds, 'contrary to common sense'. Common sense being the Fallen Civilisation of mankind that glorifies Toil and Knowledge, the onward tradition of those two brothers.

Heaven is Uncommon Sense. The ways of Heaven are therefore Uncommon Sense. Since following a Heavenly Way, brings Heaven to the Self.

To be 'not of this world' is to be outcast and Uncommon. The world by the general consensus congratulates a man for being a champion to 'tradition' and to uphold the majority line. 'Common Sense' does not have Faith. There is no 'Simple' common sense, because Faith is simple, and the world's knowledge is a clutter of complications. Again we have here, man's confused language, clothed lies within his own language, that Heaven exposes naked, the world's total language becoming a running oxymoron.

Simple Faith is Uncommon. It is opposed to Knowledge. The two master syndrome.

Therefore, to say to man, come away from your toil. He says, "But how will we......?"  Doubt is Common. Truly, there was more Simple Faith in the so called 'dark ages'.

Welcome to Year 2017. World of little Faith. A year where a Man's Simple Faith is lowest yet
. Whilst the world shouts "Progress, Progress"

There is work to do then. Pick up your shovels and dig. For the people are deep in their graves. Here is a world, where the Doctor requires the most Healing, yet even those of religion look up to him.

Welcome to the Year 2017. Where to have Faith, is to cherish a Name with their lips, and follow Knowledge with their Hearts, bowing to the Scientific prophets by another name, other than the hidden religion it is.

Welcome to the Year 2017. How far ye world, have ye Fallen from Adam and his Faith in Providence?

Did you 'fall' to Eve's fears? But where will our bread be tonight? But what if it rains above our heads? Man of the world. Where is your Faith in the One True God of Providence? Have you yet finished gorging yourself of the fruit at the Tree you were told not to eat?

Yet you are all in this together are you not? One Great Serpent biting his tail, building his Tower of Babel, one brick of Knowledge atop the other?
Dare ye come away from toil, and another man shouts, "But how will you pay your rent"?
Dare ye be one of the few that come away from the world, for the world shall strongly point his finger.

Dare ye choose the World over God. For in thy house, paying thy rent, God will come and lay a greater charge upon you. Yes, because even now, the Spirit is working within Man, to give or take way the blessings of his Heart, that man shall soon say. "Better I am not Toiling and have no house, than the heart of my own body be so grieved."

For the Spirit is always at work, refining Man to his Heavenly Beginning
. Adam did not toil. And the toil of a New Adam to Awaken the fallen man to his Spirit.

The world is a sea of Death, and in it swim the fish of the Fallen Man, blowing the bubbles of the world's knowledge. If one man steps upon the land, the whole ocean rises up to swallow him back.

On the land is simple Faith in the Providence of God, beyond knowledge, where even death is swallowed up, for indeed the path to knowledge is death, and the path to faith is Life. The many wise are wise together to their death. God is foolish alone. That they would turn away from knowledge and be healed.

World of little Faith.

One cannot follow two masters, or he shall be caught on shore, with one foot in the sea and the other on land. Thus I say to the world, take both your feet and walk away from the treachorous master that enslaves thee with Fear. Walk boldy towards God and his Providence, and he shall put you to Great Work, and the Spirit shall pay wages of purest gold.
Ryan Goble  (OP)

User ID: 73671881
06/07/2017 01:07 AM
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Re: Beyond the False Image
These are Heaven's Ways, from High

To find The Way, is to rise above the False Image.

-Do not be concerned with what others are doing. It is enough to be concerned only with what you are doing. That is, to find The Way. There is no need to get into debates and discourse. That is far from The Way.

-You know when you have found The Way, because the path is easier. But if you are walking through jagged stones, the path is not so easy.

So if your walk is not easy, do not go to others and show them you have the better path. Rather, stay on your path, and so long as you remain on that path, others will see how easily you are walking.

-The praise you have, is that your path has been made easy for you. The praise of men cannot take away any more weight from your feet.

So say you find The Way. There is Victory. You cannot win any further from men of the world, but they can win only if they also find victory. And consider, the bird does not bother itself with what the popular figures of the world are doing, for the bird has far more joy than those people.

-If you are a Man who belongs to Heaven's Rule, keep your own world small, and allow that the Larger world find you, since you have the Treasure.

I am saying, if you put your eyes much on the Larger world, people without True Treasure, you will lose your own Treasure, and an Angel should never Fall from his Place, for that is what awards him that title, and He should sustain in The Way as a beacon for all that cannot find it.

-Most of all, nothing Good comes from Darkness. The Night is a time to be reflective, and chase for the Dawn. As in the Light of the Sun the best of Man is brought forth, and The Way is found in that Light.

But the Fallings of mankind, and the False Light, and conversations they hold in Darkness, they are far from The Way, and if Angels in Heaven do not do these things, neither should man becoming, do those things.
And why should man delay his ascension?

-A Man who has found The Way, says "here are my footprints and the polish of my shoes", or "here is my Treasure". If someone says, "I disagree". Let his disagreement stay with him alone, because an Angel need not fall into debate, because already he has the Treasure.

The Treasure is, to Come Away from the False Image of Man. The Treasure is victory, because the Spirit blesses Man in his True Image. To Rise above the False Image of Man, is to become like an Angel in Heaven.

Man Fell from his Place On High. He returns to his Place on High, by overcoming his False Image and the Fallen ways that belong to the False Image.

The only True Work man has therefore, is to Speak about The Way he has found, beyond the Fallen ways of Man. This is the work this person is doing. Talking about what to leave behind, and how to keep what one finds beyond it. Saying "Come up here, and when you do, stay up there".

Heaven comes to Earth, when Men who have been born of the Earth, Rise to Heaven and call upon Men of the Earth to Rise also. A True Image is Heaven on Earth.

A Flaming Sword stands in front of The Way. This is because to come away from the world is to become Idle. Within that Idleness is the boring Inferno of Man's False Image. It is facing Death whilst Living. So the world has taught you that Idleness is the seed of Evil. That is because the world can only teach the Glory of its own walk of Death, Knowledge, and Toil.

It was said, the Lord shall refine many through the Fire. Let him so be refined in the Image of God, his True Image. And Rise beyond his False Image, and all that Projects from it.

These words are True Life. And because they are True Life, they strike intensely as a Great Flaming Sword.  This person has come apart from the world, so he is talking from where he sits, about a Way beyond it, so that those in their Graves might also come apart from the world.

Keep in your Forehead, if Angels in Heaven do not do certain things, neither should man becoming, do those things, and let what you have in your Forehead seal every word you say and all the things you do. So that you are always breaking of habits, those habits built upon a False Image.
And with Great Discipline man shall Rise to his True Image.

Now is the moment to Rise beyond The Fallen Man one was and is. Always it is the time to Rise beyond the Fallen Man. For in Man's Rise is his Reward.

Now is the time to be as an Angel in Heaven. Now is the time for man to face his Flaming Sword, and become Born Again. Now is the time to come away from the world, to Faith beyond it.

For from Now, is All born and forever shall be born. Now is the time to speak the Living Spoken Word that is New.
What happened to Lot's Wife looking back?

Now is the time to find the Simple Unknowing Presence that is the Kingdom of Heaven. Now is the time to come away from all Knowledge and Heavy detail. Now is the time to take off the burdens of hardship. Judgement exists without delay. Heaven exists without delay.

Why do You stand afar off, O LORD?
Your judgments are on high, out of his sight;
As for all his adversaries, he snorts at them.
He says to himself, I will not be moved;
Throughout all generations
I will not be in adversity.

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Anonymous Coward
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United States
06/07/2017 01:26 AM
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Re: Beyond the False Image
Thank you!


Ryan Goble  (OP)

User ID: 73671881
06/07/2017 07:00 PM
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Re: Beyond the False Image
The Flaming Sword that guards the Way

The False Image is so defensive of its False Image, its ways, all it calls 'Good', that to be a True Image is to be persecuted. So that in prior times talk must be hidden in metaphor and parable, for otherwise the False Image would reject it outright. By the analogy they would interpret it in accord with their False Image, but other more sightful people would be able to interpret the true meaning. Even in this day, by nature, the False Image is still in defense of itself, so long as it is a False Image. To accuse it in person, you surely would get a great and vicious defense, but the Internet enables a more broad side.

A Fallen Human will reject his Heavenly Becoming. A Fallen human is against God. All are Fallen Humans by varying degree.

Many say they are Godly people. Only God is a Godly person. Would a person be Godly he would ascend from his fallen ways immediately. More accurate, would a person of the world say he is Godly, rather he is reaching towards God consciously.

This is to iterate that there is a Great Flaming Sword in front of a Fallen Human on his stairway to Heaven. This is his resistance to departing from his False Image. Believing he is wise, in his knowledge, but only in the short lived world. He is not wise enough to see Death naked. Believing he is intelligent, and not knowing the futility of it. God's Joyful abandon, ultimately makes the Many Wise appear as Fools. And this the False Image hides from.

To tell a human all his Knowledge is for naught. Such human has pride associated with his development. Yet all he has developed, is a path to his Death. Thus, A Great Flaming Sword stands guard to the Tree of Eternal Life. Human and his False Image of what he believes, he believes it with Pride. Pride shields his False Image.

So God, who is infinitely Simple, and has no Knowledge. One can begin to see how much hated True Man of God shall be, accusing Man's False Image by mere Being. The True Image then becomes the Falsity in the eyes of the False Image. He is 'dumb' for being Simple. 'Ignorant' for having no Knowledge. Because it is this house of cards of Knowledge that the world glorifies, as it glorifies a Man at his Eulogy for living a 'Good' life.

If a Fallen world knew how far it is Fallen, it would begin to Rise. Thus the dilemma. The Fallen world believes its ways are righteous. The Fallen world Resists Heaven. Every single being on the Earth, resists his Heavenly Future, as much as he says in words he welcomes it. Because A False Image becomes Man's Death. And the world was a murderer from the very beginning, believing in the Knowledge that all must Die, and then all the Knowledge beneath that, in lieu of that Death.

New Words of Heaven, shall always be cast down at the bottom, because the False Images do not want to Hear how they are False, for otherwise they would not be False to begin with. Yet over time, people will be urged by the Spirit to face their False Image, as the Great Flaming Sword shall Rise up within them in accusal, because these words shall sit at the bottom, whilst words from False Images are raised High.

There is no Greater Work, than for Man to face his Flaming Sword that accuses him within. Cease to project it out of himself upon others, and rise above his own False Image. If one is not walking toward Heaven, and talking about Heaven, then every word out of his mouth is a futile Death moan, spoken by his False Image. When he acknowledges that the only sense is to focus on the Great Work, to reach Heaven upon every moment, only then does he begin to face his Flaming Sword, and walk toward the Tree of Life and his True Image.

Everywhere around one can witness, False Images walking around in circles, and talking around in circles, no closer to Heaven. A True Man shall take no part in that, for an Angel in Heaven is not doing these things. So, do not do what the majority do, talking about world events, and labouring opinions already old under the sun. For always were False Images doing this. Take your victory, and your crown, and Rise above the False Images of Man, and Rise above the circular motions they do, with the one Great Work in your Forehead.

Where is the Flaming Sword that guards The Way to the Tree of Life?

Sit and do nothing. There is the Fire that refines you. Feel it
boring into you, shaping you, sculpting you.

Yes, truly, Man has his Inferno within him, would that he pass through it, Rise above his False Image, and be Born Again a True Image. No more does the Spirit within Man want than Man Rise beyond his Mind, and the False Image built within his Mind.

God does not want Man lost within his Mindful Abyss. God wants Man to be like Childlike Adam in wonder. Not in One week, not in ten years, but Now. The Spirit knows not time or delay. God does not want Man counting numbers and naming plants. God wants Man to soar above the trees, and the Tree of Knowledge. Where there is knowledge that is non Being.

Death is naked before God. Death is to be lost to the Simple Presence far out of the Abyss of the Mind. The Great Flaming Sword, within Man is refining Man back to his Lost Paradise. Rather than only guarding, it is double-edged, it is guiding.

One departs from the world, and leaps into the Great Inferno of the Refining Furnace. There is no television series to show him The Way through that Flaming Sword. No Youtube. No thick Heavy Book. For beyond knowledge, the Dreamlike Presence is, where Anything is Possible. But within the mind, is fears, doubts, worries, meanings, limits and all things Knowledgable.

A Fallen world has shouted "Death, come eat of it, here is the way", and every person has played musical chairs with Knowledge on the way.

Rather Eternal Life, is wiping the Mind of all things Known. Anything is possible is to be Born Again with the DreamLike Absence of Knowledge and limits. It is a New world, and a New Earth, and a New Heaven. The Great Flaming Sword is the False Images' resistance to being left behind, and a new Heavenly being born. To delay becoming this Heavenly being, is to choose a feeling of Death here and now, for a Heavenly Being feels Heavenly, and a low being feels low.

Angels exist in Heaven without a Great Flaming sword swinging at them. They do not feel Heavy. They do not get Bored. They do not get Tired. Thus beyond the Flames within, is this Heavenly Being. Past the Flaming Sword, is the True Image. Past the person who lives in Haste of Fire, rushes to speak, rushes to do, rushes to defend his False Image. This is himself within the Fires of his own illusions, of that all mankind are part in their Fallen ways.

In this Fire, a real Inferno that exists within their hearts, are the Doctor, the Lawyer, the Judge and the Scientist, for all are Fallen Men far from the Simple Faith of God and the Angels in Heaven. One cannot say to the Doctor, authority of the False Image, "are you aware of the Fire burning within you?" For the Doctor is sickest of all, and cannot receive High words, being a Low Front Man for Death and Knowledge. A True Man does not seek counsel with a False Image, for the False Image shall lead him to a pit.

Thus to the Rising Man I say, Come Completely Away from False Images, and do not let your Fears take you towards them. Rise Above the people of Knowledge. Do not leave one foot in the Sea of their Deathly Details. God demands both your feet Now. The Spirit is King of the Body. Do not forsake it for the defilement of False Images who shall persuade you of Fallen defineables as if writing on you perma-ink with a deathly calligraphy pen. Follow the Spirit in Full. Or the Spirit shall punish you for falling to the world of the False Image and their authorities. You should then have Faith that the Spirit controls all things of the Body, and the False Images do not know this Spirit.

This world and its Fallen Ways, is a world to Come Away from. Do not delay. Lift both feet. Pick up your mat and walk
[a True Image persuasion, or A False? Doctor Eternal or Doctor Death?]
Seek and ye will find. One Master, the True Image, seeks Perfection, the other Master, the False Image, seeks Fault.
Do not seek counsel from those who hold authority over the False Image.
Any more than you would ask a blind man to lead you across a busy road. For the professionals of this world are professionals of the False Image, and they shall project upon you more Falsity than you already have.
Do not go to a doctor for the Angels of Heaven fly far over them. Do not go to the dentist, for the Spirit is a tooth fairy far Greater. Let me tell you truly this, the Spirit can make a tooth sore, it can very well make it not sore. This I say, follow the One Master Truly and Faithfully with both Feet, or you are not walking at all.

I am telling those with ears, who are walking away from the sea of death, to take the other leg out of the sea, and do not be called back to the world, and in doing this there will be Great Blessings. On the shore is written 'The faith shall grow'. And 'These are the sands of people who shall follow and build dunes of fortitude for us all'.

[meaning that the world is so Fallen, that like a magnet, the majority ways draw upon people back into their fold, and the more who Rise Above it, give pull to the Risen side]

Beyond this Flaming Sword within is True Life, and a True presence beyond the False Image that leads to Death.

This is where the Risen Man is going. Beyond the Flaming Sword. Beyond the Fire within the Earth, Beyond the Fire within himself, and Beyond the Fire that comes down from Heaven, for Heaven itself shall be with him.

How does a Man go somewhere, unless he begin to go there? So as with all things of the world, do not delay your Rise.

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06/07/2017 10:10 PM
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Re: Beyond the False Image
Where shall us Risen Meet? Those who have overcome their False Image?

In the Sky of course!

The False Image must reject that notion even now, for the False Image walks upon earth, and the False Voices have spoken their Limits. He walks upon the earth dragging his feet, looking down, deep inside the abyss of his mind.

'Preposterous' [not common sense, not fallen sense] a Flying Man!

Yet, out of your Abyss of Knowns, Look up, your redemption draws nearer! I give you world, a New Dictionary, redefining the word and the world.

Gravity - Old Noun/known, unknown/Newspeak='the Fallen man's cloak'

And all the Birds chirped gleefully at the New Dictionary and the New Speech of the Risen!

I tell thee true, as one Rises Above the False Image, so too the Burden he holds shall be lifted off of him. And the very Earth shall repel him, and the very sky shall wish to scoop him up. I am not merely asking people to Rise Beyond the World in literary, but did you not know the outside shall reflect the inner?

How does the Son of Man walk upon water? Because his burden is Light. The gravity of the Fallen world is not upon him. Surely you must know. One cannot come to a Heavenly Way, and not also feel Light and Heavenly.

Yes, to find the Heavenly Way the whole Body begins to feel Lighter, and Walk more Featherly. And it is only further up the stairway before the Risen Man lifts off.

But the False Image. What does he do? He opens his Heavy Book, and says No No no! Did one not say Anything is possible? Oh wait, that is only with God. And then Limits mean what? Not with God? Excuse my maths, bit rustic!

So what then is the work of this person speaking? It is to make himself Lighter and to Lighten the feet of many. And to lighten the feet, one first must empty the head. One must come apart from the world, step by step.

We share wings. Together we will ascend this world. You all have work to do to prepare for Lift Off. I know where I am going. Up and Up. How about you? Up and Up Beyond the False Image. For the True Image, no dust shall call Adam back.

Recall, God is Infinitely Simple.
Is gravity sitting Heavy on you this Hour?
Then take thy Science books out of thee pockets!
Faith is as small as a mustard seed. But Knowledge and its many leaves, oh so Heavy.

And how shall the False Images receive this Flight of Fancy? "Preposterous!" And then he walks out his door and looks down at the ground, grumbling to himself, with all the knowledge in his head.

Yes world, from this world, many Angels shall Arise in their True Image. Let there be no delay.
Anonymous Coward
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06/07/2017 10:41 PM
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Re: Beyond the False Image
Ryan Goble  (OP)

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06/08/2017 12:47 AM
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Re: Beyond the False Image
That I walk in the Way of the Lord,
The Lord paves my path with cloud,
His moon I feel beneath my feet,

Though the dust of the Earth I tread,
For my head is clothed in Light,
My feet stride long to follow it

My hands are warm with the blessings of the Lord,
Yet my toes are the Ice of the Promised Land
Where the Flaming Sun shall flee

He makes my tongue like honey
He unlocks my shoulder
That the poor arm can rise

He shakes the Earth
And moves his footstool
That the Kingdom of men receive the Darkness
They prefer

He lifts me up
And takes me to his secret place
For I did not seek the world's treasures
Yet witnessed the treasure of his words

And the Truth in them
That Darkness could only reject
That only Light could speak

I made my house his home
And I gave my voice to him
And then my two eyes gave witness

That the words were good
As the Light shone into my Eyes
As a second witness
Brighter than it was

Piercing through the veil
of cloud
Like a Sharp pen through
a Sheet of paper

As if the sword of the sky
were with the words
As if my eyes were with the Light

I on earth
and Heaven sealing his approval
unless I step a foot out of place
or say a word not from Above

This instant reflection
Was my witness
My testimony
That the world's witness
I needed not

As the gentle wind plays
to the chimes around the side
and carries what it played
to my ears

a symphony to these letters
That reflection
is my witness
of the Kingdom I have found

And it is a secret garden
Heaven and I share
As the world rushes to and fro
in the increase of knowledge

That I send out
slow whispers
of how Lighter we become
Far aloof to it

In the Faith
of what will be
For those who prepare
for the True Kingdom

Rising out of the abyss
of the world's toil
the knowledge of dust
as also the fire is testimony

to the man who lifts his head
and sees the New World
so closer than it
ever was

It is when the world is most lost
that Angels Rise because of it
for they say
"I for one cannot go where this world is going"
"not one step along with it
"not one"

And then the Kingdom Comes
Anonymous Coward
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06/08/2017 02:06 AM
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Re: Beyond the False Image
Anonymous Coward
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06/08/2017 03:12 AM
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Re: Beyond the False Image
Where shall us Risen Meet? Those who have overcome their False Image?

Yes world, from this world, many Angels shall Arise in their True Image. Let there be no delay.
 Quoting: Ryan Goble

I don't want to invalidate the work that took you time and experience to write but I have to say that while you're in the flesh (and in the spirit) you cannot overcome the false image because it's thrust upon you. Stacked deck in this environment man.

What am I saying? If you follow Jesus deny yourself everything etc it won't endear you to GOD only the God of this world because they feed off of misery here. You know when someone leaves something for you in the spirit that you need...uh 50-50 on whether it's constituted stealing; to them it probably is despite the fact that they loosh you 24 hours a day. Everything is a snare here.

You want to arise OUT of this environment not arise within this environment. This environment is not a good place, it is corrupt.
Ryan Goble  (OP)

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06/08/2017 09:15 PM
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Re: Beyond the False Image
Under The refining Knife

I found the Kingdom of Heaven
in the cold morning light

it came to me like an army in assault
frosted arrows of poison
urging that I flee under heavy cloth

I did not

I let the Kingdom dress me
Like a fussy matron
with the cold beauty
I had never before seen

Like a Spy who watched over me
that I never before knew
The Light is upon me
with a cold tender kiss

Were it Darkness
It would be teeth ripping skin

It was those warm blooded hounds
chasing the wind to and fro

And here I was
In my own stillness
The slowing of my own blood

Like a dance with death
It was more Life than I ever knew

These are words
from the chill morning light

as the sun skirts low along its journey
peeking through every window
a side long stare

Finding way into shadows
summer never could
yet casting them too

The cold to me
is a door slight ajar
never opened

Hiding behind heaters
and smokey fires

the cold to me
a Wonderland
of truth

Into the cold
I tippy toe
Into the cold

let it shiver me
a New High

freeze my tongue
so no blooded words
 dare slip out

Like the Ice that floats
Above the Waters

of Timeless Being

The cold has story to tell
I shall face the first page
and drink its pain

I shall read the whole book
the cold place spirits rest
I will go in there

Because He is my Lord
My Heavenly Father
who feels neither hot nor cold
nor pain, nor tiring

The cold is like a Great Lion
chasing me

That I prefer the Lion
Eat my flesh
Chew on my bones

And find the Way into my Heart
that I can roar
what a Lion should roar

The Faith to wear that cold Pale robe
of the Great Living Eagle

Take the tips of my fingers
For I need them not.

And since they are now Yours,
Lift them up and point
Say to me, with your Light

There a footprint, and there
So that I walk in the Spirit
For my Mind is a Deceiver

Now my Chest has Iced
Make my Breath that was mine
Your Breath

And then Open my Mouth
And Speak
What has never before been spoken

So the people say,
"what is this trumpet
that blows from Lands of Ice?
This is not a song we are used to hearing."

You have words,
to make the earth tremble,
You have hands to calm it,
And Wings to span it.

We seek your Word,
but it does not come,
yet there it is,
a door just ajar,

You went out into the Cold
And Angels ministered you
The Face of God
Hides from comfort

I shall seek your Face
for there is no comfort
in the world
the face of a man
with his number
and his names

Your Face is concealed
In cloud
Like a great beard
The Angels trim

Concealed from us
in our roofed ceilings
and False lights
To leave them behind

Is where your Face will be
In the Wilderness
Is where you will be

like a beast in the wild
untainted by the world
like a natural flower
never been seen

like Adam
before he knew what he was

We cut our beards
Yet you made them grow
we trim our nails
yet you made them so

What does the world know of you,
That the wilderness
is so much more of you?

Sitting in their houses
talking to the walls
walls that always talk back
affirming the place they sit

The Cold
it is a Great Book
The world has never read

I shall read it for them
And then Shout it out
from every Rooftop
Send it down every chimney

So that no fire shall burn in Hell

I shall steer my ship
to the Iceberg
of your Cold Deathly Truth
to Drink your Cup

The world's Cup kills me so
Though your Cup be Terrible
A crossroad
The world's Cup is so much more

I passed your Great Burning Sword
Until the peeling skin I loved
Now Cut me
With your Blue Knife

Until I am Wormwood
As cold
as the Star
that is Yours
Ryan Goble  (OP)

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06/08/2017 09:30 PM
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Re: Beyond the False Image
The Right Hand holds Dominion over the False Image

I say to you strange utterances,
Strange, because the world has normalised
his own fallen ways
that the ways of Heaven are lunacy to it

The Right hand has written itself
Away from the Lord,
And become a Killer of his Host
Penning a language of confusion and multiplicity

Yes, I say to you,
The False Image has Come to the Right Hand
And the world has seen it not

And I say,
The False Image has Come to the Forehead
And the world has seen it not

With words, ready at the Front,
Claiming Goodness, as manner of speech,
When only God is Good,
Lies as a natural tongue.

And the Left hand of God has witnessed,
but the world has not.

Yes I say to you, strange utterances,
For the Left Hand of God,
is Strange to this world.

I tell you that, The Right Hand has ruled this world,
Into an Infernal Abyss.
Words that are not of God,
Long Deathly sentences.

So here I come, Speaking with my Right Hand,
And here I am,
Returning, to the Cold Hand of God.
For those who have Ears,
let them hear.

For a Fallen world,
Reads with Fallen Eyes.
And I bring a revelation
and Seals Broken

For the world has viewed and reviewed
yet not understood,
For the Right Hand has veiled the Eyes,
and Not seen

For that they would have Seen,
They would have been Healed.

Had they not knowledge already in their Forehead,
They would have the True Image
Unsealed, and Seen

Yes, The world waits for their Marks,
And already they are Marked,
Numbers and names,
Turning upon their Forehead

Because they look forward to their defilement,
They see not they are already defiled.
The Right Hand of Knowledge, words, and detail.
Feeding the Forehead with a False Image.

I say to you,
unless a Man come away from his Right Hand of Words,
He shall not see the Kingdom

Lost in the Sea are the people of the world,
Though many say they have Found
Lost in the Death of the Right Hand
and the Words of a Fallen False Image
that bring Man to Speak
All Manner of falsity

Words, conjured from echoes of the Forehead
Here are words conjured by the Living Spirit
and like the Eyes looking at the sun
the Right hand is raised
to squint

As what the Right hand was taught to write
there was a Talking Snake
In a Tree of Words
And in those words,
A man's world is made
Like a great book
And in that world, his life is written

Yes, To come away from
The False Image of Man,
is to come away from the Right Hand
is to Clear the Forehead
And Seal it anew
Ryan Goble  (OP)

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06/08/2017 10:50 PM
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Re: Beyond the False Image
The Higher the Words Fall

Yes world,
My utterances shall climb a stairway,
of Stranger and Strangeness,
For to the world it must be so.

The lower stairs do not know the higher stairs
Nor do they see them in the sky

On these High stairs,
words bounce like balls down the stair,
and people say,
"Oh where did this ball fall from?"
"for there are no stairs above us"
"it is useless, we do not know where it is from"
"let us throw it out"

And then they go and pick up a ball
that bounced up the stairway
from far below,
and say "what a great ball"
"it has bounced all the way up the stairs we have climbed"
"it is a ball we know well"

I say to you,
they have not yet walked the invisible stairs Above.

This is what the Most High has to say;

I forgot.
Because at this point
the electricity man came and read my meter.
In my house amongst the gum trees
with lots of plum trees
Shocked it out from my Forehead.
As I was about to write it.
And it has been sealed up again in the sky
But shall it boomerang.
Back to my Forehead
Below here it shall be written


[the electricity man defiled my Temple,
knocked me off my High stairway,
having to deal with Low worldly things,
woe that, you keep apart from the world,
and it comes to your own door,
to Invade,
Woe that I have an Inside electric meter
Woe that He arrived at a time I was about to unseal a tiny scroll
All within the Lord's Hand of course
He must want it to remain Sealed]

Yet along the lines of this,
The Numbers are followed
I sow a seed of beginning,

The revelation ends Numbered and Sealed without a Key.
The Key begins again Numbered in Isaiah.

The Key to the Abyss

For Three and a Half Days
I searched for this Key
Deep in my Tomb
Until my eyes saw Double

Clear to me,
The Key was Revealed
And the Seal of the Tomb Opened.

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Ryan Goble  (OP)

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06/09/2017 12:12 AM
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Re: Beyond the False Image
Out of the tomb I walked
But it was not Gethsemane
Nor three and a half days

But down Sesame Street
Down And further Down
Into the Letters of A, B and C,
With Big Bird Smiling at me.

Yet these words had no meaning to me
But were Sealed from my eyes

"Your father was a murderer from the beginning"

How was my dear father murdering me
Did he not bring home the bread each day
That my Mother did not redden her knuckles
kneading the flour and yeast?

Or was it dear Father Kermit
And the frog in his throat?

Into a Greater Tomb I walked
The Garden of the False Image

Killing me Softly with His Song
Ryan Goble  (OP)

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06/09/2017 12:44 AM
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Re: Beyond the False Image
The Eye that Was Kept Safe from the False Image

My Right Arm became strong
To Swing its might through the world
In toil and wordsmith
but My Left Arm Feeble

And I heard a voice
From the Fire Above

Your Left Arm has fallen to sleep
Sealed up from the world
Like a Bear long in hibernation

Take your Right Hand
And place it upon your Left Shoulder
Therefore, strengthen your feeble arm
At the root from where it stems

Here are Seven Keys.

Say to that Arm.
"Wake up"
"Old bear"
"For the Hour is soon at hand"
Ryan Goble  (OP)

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06/09/2017 01:44 AM
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Re: Beyond the False Image
But I beckoned to the Most High
I rubbed and rubbed
My Left Shoulder
Along the clavicle

It is for naught
My Left Arm has not come to Life
but remains feeble

And this is what the Most High said:

'The seven keys
you must seal in your forehead
For unless you have the keys in your forehead
the Right Arm shall continue to Rule.'

And the Most High then said:

'The Right Arm Must go Dead
For the Left Arm to be Raised'

And the Most High Said:

'The seven keys also are seven angels
Who are waiting to Come to Life
What you open,
They shall also Open.

What you cut off,
They shall also cut off.

The Right Arm is also the Sea
Let your Right Arm become What Is not
And Let your Left come to Be.

Your Right Arm is Your Image to the World
It shall become Less

Your Left Arm is who you shall become
It shall become more

Your Right arm must die with death
and be swallowed up
Your Left arm will be New
Not knowing of the old

Many shall rise with your Left Hand
Many Shall fall with your Right.

Your shoulder is locked up
Unseal the scroll I have given you
the One sealed up by the Thunders
and place the keys in your forehead

Then throw everything else into the sea
the great mountain of knowledge
with your right hand
So your right arm also falls into the sea
is Cut off
and all of it burnt up'

And so, I went on to do what the Most High told me.
Ryan Goble  (OP)

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06/09/2017 06:09 PM
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Re: Beyond the False Image
The Right Hand to be thrown into the Sea

I departed my house early in the morning
as with dawn arriving to my house
I travelled to the local beach
Where there was an old man walking his dog
otherwise empty

I lifted my right hand
and gathered motion like a windmill
I was about to throw my right arm
into the sea

My right arm
that had caused me to sin
with its words
and numbers
Names and knowns
knowledge and cursive language

The False Image taught by my father
and his before him
those phrases written in my forehead
to say "I am Good thankyou"

I was about to throw A, B and C
back to the seagulls
at least they were real birds

Yes, I was about to throw my right arm
into the sea
but a voice shouted
"The time is not yet"
"Use your right hand"
"And continue to speak plainly"
"For a time"
"For there are others still to come"

And so I bemoaned at it all and to the Most High
of why he could not order his instructions
in a more thorough manner
I came away from the sea
and the old man with his dog

And came back to my house, to speak plainly

Ryan Goble  (OP)

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06/09/2017 07:25 PM
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Re: Beyond the False Image
The Growing of Adam's Apple

The Talking Snakes Lure To the False Image

Adults Dancing around pretending to be childlike, like the Pied Piper Luring Children to Eat the Apple.

"What to you want to be when you grow up, Johnny?"
"A detective!"
"Say hello to the Policeman Johnny"

The Devil Hides best directly In front of people

Alphabet Soup.
Genesis is happening all around us and the people do not see
"your father was a murderer from the beginning"

"I am Good Thankyou"
We are all "Good" Together"

"Only God is Good"
"Lies are his natural tongue"
"Let nobody be called Father"
"Nor Teacher"

"It is time you learnt to write now Johnny"
"No, Use your Right Hand Johnny"
"Place these words in your Forehead"
"Say p---lease"
"yes daddy"

"He who overcomes the Image"
"I am not of this world"
"If your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off"

"Are you All Right?"

Reality Bites the Apple. Heaven Bites Back Harder. Fools Wise.
But can the world Face Heaven?

I was walking down [it is always down to the pit 'out there']
the street earlier,
A Man stopped to say
"how are you?"
My Forehead spoke without hesitation
"I am all R-----"

Yet I stopped myself.
And I told myself.
Better I remain SILENT than let this
False Image drawn into my forehead
tell lies, speak lies,
and share lies with other False Images.

To face the False Image. This is the only work of God. To witness it, and reveal it. Rather than pretend it is coming later. Nay, I say, ye are already Marked.

Ye are Dead, yet call thyself Alive! And resist to see it so. The tongue does not know what it does! And all are in it together.
Yes, Wake up from your slumber. And catch that tongue at work, worming through the language of confusion, of a Fallen False Image Way of Speech.
Yes, Better ye remain Silent, than go against the Spirit with Words that are Anti to it.

Let me hereby say.

I am not ALL Right.
I am more and more Left.
I am not Good,
Only when all the world is Good, and we know not Good,
am I Good.
I do not begin sentences with, 'To be honest', (what does that mean about the other times) "anything else is from the evil one"
I do not shake other False Images Right Hand as if I am a part of their False World

Lies are their natural tongue. They know not what they do. These are all your doctors, dentists, that you go to so to get "checked upon". The world is lies and death. Rise human from your sleep. Let there be no delay. The Spirit is with his Reward.

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06/09/2017 08:39 PM
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Re: Beyond the False Image
The False Image is given Power of Speech

Yes I say, Adam's Apple has Fallen from the Tree. It fell Low and Broke from its High Place within his Neck, and speaks in Ways, that he himself believes is True. And there were other Talking Snakes ushering him along. The whole world follows this False Image and Way of Speech, that nobody dare say "The whole world is speaking lies". Not just the powers that be, but the average homer simpson, and all across the monopoly board.

Yes world, this is a Cold Truth, that is Sealed from the world, for they worship their own False Image.

I say, How can a world who already worships its own False Image, then go on to further begin to do so? That is like saying the apple is fallen from the tree, but we are waiting for someone to chop it off the branch. This is to show how blind the world is within its lies. For such a world cannot take a finger and accuse itself, or turn and be healed.

If Man would stop worshipping his own False Image taught to him by the World, his Eyes would Immediately be Opened. He would see the world naked, Death itself is naked to him. Because it is this False Image that walks to Death.

Save me from the hand of the evil whose mouths speak futility and their right hand is the right hand of evil.
They speak falsehood to one another; With double lips and with a double heart they speak.

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Ryan Goble  (OP)

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06/09/2017 09:41 PM
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Re: Beyond the False Image
Adam has chased Eve around the Tree in circles

Yes, He has been Lured to the Lower Fruit. Lest He Face his Flaming Sword and Reach for the Higher Fruit that he Found at First. He has run around the Tree of Knowledge Toiling to Collect all the apples that fall, and construct himself a False Image, that Eve has given her Seal of Approval.

Adam has neither been able to walk away from Eve, nor the Tree, nor his Toil, and Face his Flaming Sword, that sits and accuses him of his False Image. He has preferred the Soft waters of the world, and the Soft bed of death, than go out into the desert, and Cast Out his False Image.

And do you know how much this person brushes his teeth? Never. For neither do the apes brush theirs.

But the Face of the False Image. How can it be washed when it is never seen?

Because of the devastation of the afflicted, because of the groaning of the needy,
Now I will arise, says the LORD; I will set him in the safety for which he longs.
The words of the LORD are pure words;
As silver tried in a furnace on the earth, refined seven times.
You will preserve him from this generation forever.

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Anonymous Coward
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06/09/2017 09:42 PM
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Re: Beyond the False Image
[link to m.youtube.com (secure)]
Ryan Goble  (OP)

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06/09/2017 11:00 PM
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Re: Beyond the False Image
What is the Stairway of Heaven like?

It is like an invisible staircase, that each stair become visible only once the foot is laid. So all the way down to Hell, the stairs are seen, as naked as those walking upon them.

And say a man walk up many stairs, The Most High says:

"What are you doing up here without your brother"?
"Go then back down to him, for he is one of your toes".

It was then I asked the Most High. "Who is up there on the top with you"?

To which the Most High said, "All of those I have for purpose sent you, to go back down for".

The Stairway to Heaven, has a rail that is like a Great Chain, and linked together multitudes of people, of many nations.
On each stair is a Flaming Sword thrusting Man back down.

As the people walk up, they say, "make this stair wider, and paint it brighter", So then more below Open their Eyes, See it, And can walk upon it.

Yet at First, it begins Narrow, like the needle, and much Work must be done to Secure that Stair, for even now, the weight of Hell of pulling Down the Chain. Yes, a tug-o-war there is in these times, but the Hardest Work has been done.

At the bottom of the Stair, is the False Image, he who walks to death. At the top of the stair is the True Image, the Image as Perfect as God, who lives forever.
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06/09/2017 11:44 PM
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Re: Beyond the False Image
Here is Wisdom.

Because in much wisdom there is much grief, and increasing knowledge results in increasing pain.

Here is Wisdom:

What advantage does man have in all his work
Which he does under the sun?

Here is Life:

Come Away from the False Image, Numbers, Words, all manner of Wisdom and Knowledge.

Here is a Great Sword of Fire. Many Divided Letters. Swinging to and fro, 13 on the left, and 13 on the right.

Here is a Greater Sword. Coming Down to you. Silence in Heaven.
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06/10/2017 12:12 AM
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Re: Beyond the False Image
hi OP, your first post seems flawless to me so i comment this in order to find it later and read more.

! AM
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06/10/2017 12:14 AM
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Re: Beyond the False Image
I see a shitload of copy pastes without references to the websites that those copy paste came from.

Better fix it.
 Quoting: Chip

looks like time to save page as..

sup chip, got that XR all sorted?
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06/10/2017 06:52 PM
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Re: Beyond the False Image
[As above, word by word to a blank Page]

the kingdom of heaven
is like a garden sealed up
It is like a beautiful vineyard
though the caretaker has donned
a filmy veil

He tends to all the plants
yet when they flower
the fragance hides far from him

He ploughs the wide fields
Yet the underbelly of the ox
tickled under his might
tenfold the earth it moved
to the gentle wave of the wheaten

The sun has scorched the Man
His heart has darkened
And the Black horse
though harnessed
Is Free like the wind of the South

if Man belly were full
he would prefer
dig at the soil
than long sit on a rock

For even the rock accuses him
In his own Heaviness

That he jump up
and say
"better I prepare my grave"

to lay down my weight
portion upon portion
Than sit here idle

For I am an accused Man
On trial
The soil I belong
Dirt is as good as I

The sky so Heavy a Scroll
Too Expanse to Read

A veil over his Head
As the Host of Heaven

a seal over his heart,
            Like a seal on his arm,
and a seal over death
Its seals are seals of fire
            The very flame of the Lord

the kingdom of heaven
is like a garden sealed up

Look up!
Unseal thee Eyes.
And See

For Heaven is a Great Tree Top
And Many Candles Drip their
Wax upon the Earth

Strengthen Thy Heart
And let the Eyes go Weak
For the Seal Of Heaven is Breaking

And many Waters
Poured out
Like Many words on Land

The Great Day Star is Coming Down to you
And Heaven shall no longer
Wear his cloak

The sea has sung her Song
"My Fish have told me
what is to come
so eager are they
to come out of my Bosom
And not be caught suckling
on the Great and Final Hour"

Then the Earth beat his Drum
To the Song of the Sea
"My belly has become bitter
And my worms have told me
of what is to Come
For although they are Blind
They have Tasted
The Bile that has risen up"

And all the Birds,
They sang their Song,
At False Watch
And To Torches of Stars Shaken,
For they Sing for a,
New Heaven,
A New Earth,
And all that is to come.

Like a Great First Day of Light
Not even Darkness can Contain
Their Joy.

The Kingdom of Heaven
Is like a Garden Sealed up

I hear a Wind
And a grating of metal
The rubbing of wood
And the clanging of tin

Who left the Garden Gate ajar?

And there will be weeping
And Gnashing of teeth.

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06/10/2017 08:19 PM
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Re: Beyond the False Image
The False Image and False Accusal

The Higher a person is up the Stairway to Heaven the more his Image is True, that it become like a Great White Mirror. Like looking into a Mirror, those who worship the False Image, see that True Image as false, and accuse instead the True Image, rather than point the finger to themself. An example of this, Might be a Man saying to a Simple person who does not read books, that he is Ignorant, and that to the accuser is an insult. To the accused, it is the truth, but not an insult since The Kingdom of Heaven has shown him a different view. The White Mirror is showing the Man who figures he must read many books 'ignorant' of the Simple man's simplicity. Thus it is the Accuser who accuses himself and knows it not.

And then the question can be posed, why seek a Man out and Accuse him to begin with? Why would one Man walk down the Street and Accuse another of a wrong, when he can walk in the other direction of the street, and save himself the adversity?

And say a Man does accuse Falsely, he can do this without limit, so how much time does a True Man waste in his defense?
The Kingdom of Heaven has little to prove, because it is already clean in itself. But it is Falsity that goes forth accusing, defending, and building up adversary.

The Flaming Sword of Adversity

Man is at unrest, in adversity with himself, in adversity with his own Spirit, that he go forth seeking adversity with the outside, over the length of a piece of string.

I say to all, what matter the length of a piece of string, when the heart itself has no length of rest?

And say you have measured the piece of string at odds with how it was proclaimed, better you put on the table all your measuring equipment, than say to another only, I am at odds with you. Because by saying that, you shall in Turn be measured.

I declare my Judge upon the table. He has measured me and my words, and blessed my heart for putting them on display, that they are New words of the Living Spirit.
Yes, I am the One that says, Come Away from what is Old and Echoed, and Rise to the True Image, for here I say Everything New,
And for that the False Image despises what is New and True.

The Light and the True Image

What is the Light like? It brings the New moment, and Blinds the Eye of what has Been.
Then so too, that is how Words should be.
Neither does the Light send out Rays of Yesterday
And that is how The mind should be, not holding to grudges.

Nor does the Light remove the ceiling to your House, and come Accusing, nor Open your Closed Doors, and Burn you as you tend to the Laundry.
And I say, Here is my House upon Earth, and fortunate are those who Come in and Silently take a Seat inside.

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Ryan Goble  (OP)

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06/10/2017 10:08 PM
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Re: Beyond the False Image
What is the False Image like?

It is clothed in Darkness, and then it speaks about the Light, yet it is not Light.
God, that which man has concept of, then is created in Man's Image as a False Idol of himself.
This Image is easy for him to behold, and he Raises it High.
"How beautiful is this Idol over the Sea"?

He says "God is like this, or God is like that", and then to the Dust he return.
Man proclaims "My God would never do this thing", and it is clear to some that he is speaking about what he would do, that he might as well say, "I would never do this thing".
And then to Dust he returns.

The Spirit within Man has spoken. It has said "I shall not abide by man for so long as he speaks as if he knows me but does not"

The True Image is in the Likeness of Spirit

It is clothed in Light.
It is an Image of the Light in all ways.
There is no Darkness there nor shadow,
So there is no reflection on what has been.
The True Image is always in complete Light.
He does not go into a shadow and say,
"Once I was, nor Once you did, nor this is what occurred".

Death is Man's distance from his True Image. If he were clothed completely in what is eternal within him, what is within him would not discard him as an antibody.

One may see if you would take the "D" (one might say it is Darkness) out of 'Death'
You have Four out of Five of the letters of Earth.
They can be arranged as Hate and Heat.
And with an Ear to hear, one might see what is in the middle, and not 'Eat' of it.

Earth then, is a Great Cemetery, the tombstones have names, and they also have legs to walk.
That to Rise from the False Image, and the Abyss of the False Mind, (it is all dark really) those in their Graves have to first Hear the call of Spirit.
Mind and thought is an adversary to Spirit.
Hence the world glorifies "thinking".

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06/10/2017 10:33 PM
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Re: Beyond the False Image
I see a shitload of copy pastes without references to the websites that those copy paste came from.

Better fix it.
 Quoting: Chip

looks like time to save page as..

sup chip, got that XR all sorted?
 Quoting: ! AM 73340379

You know it.
 Quoting: Chip

came back to read the rest of Ryan Goble's only thread here.

didnt see any obvious cut/paste, i think you may be mistaken chip.

are you familiar with the NX650?

Ryan, are you also available for questions on the subject?

specifically the mark, the write hand and forehead.
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06/10/2017 10:49 PM
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Re: Beyond the False Image
Do not talk cars, other topic in this thread. Go with your moderator friend and begin that elsewhere, for I cannot remove his posts.

None of it is copy paste, except six lines of bible text.

Let that be the end of that. We shall move on.

I do not discuss. Thankyou for your respect with that.