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Message Subject Only the Great Catholic Monarch can rid the West of the Islamic chaos in Europe.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
If the pope could have his way, we wouldn't have access to the word of God. We would be kept in spiritual darkness.

During the dark ages the Roman Catholic church made it illegal to own a Bible and only priests were allowed to have them, and they were written in Latin, which most could not understand.

Thanks to reformers like Luther and Wycliffe we have been freed from the tyranny of the so called vicar of Christ, the Antichrist, the pope of Rome.
 Quoting: cecropia

Having access to the Word does not mean one has the ability to comprehend what they are reading, and being able to comprehend what one is reading does not mean one is willing to DO what is read.

Such as remaining SEPARATE from the nations.

No one can serve two masters.

Thread: So whiCh one of yoU is the ChOsen onE? (Page 36)

You cannot serve God and Money.

The kingdom of Mammon has marked it's own with a name and number. You took it voluntarily, even asking for it when you surrendered your individual Sovereignty for bondage in exchange for peace and security, hence the social security number.

You are ALL guilty.
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