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Message Subject Only the Great Catholic Monarch can rid the West of the Islamic chaos in Europe.
Poster Handle cecropia
Post Content
If the pope could have his way, we wouldn't have access to the word of God. We would be kept in spiritual darkness.

During the dark ages the Roman Catholic church made it illegal to own a Bible and only priests were allowed to have them, and they were written in Latin, which most could not understand.

Thanks to reformers like Luther and Wycliffe we have been freed from the tyranny of the so called vicar of Christ, the Antichrist, the pope of Rome.
 Quoting: cecropia

Where did you get this from which it was forbidden to have a bible during the Middle Ages?
I find it funny how you Protestants produce false information and come out reproducing.
Not everyone had a Bible in the Middle Ages because not everyone could read and it was very expensive to produce a bible.
If today everyone can have a bible is thanks to Gutemberg.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 75018359

Learn history. The pope even made it illegal to have certain beliefs. It's coming again soon in America first. Religion and state will merge once more.

And you will be forced to choose between obeying the Law of God or the laws of men.
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