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Message Subject I went back in time and killed Charles Lindbergh Jr before he became president and started WWIII
Poster Handle CRose8
Post Content

Your time is 101 years back into the future from 1932, which is 2033.

Masayuki Masushita is 71 years old in 2017, 87 in 2033.

[link to www.bloomberg.com (secure)]

[link to mansfieldfdn.org]

The Third Berlin crisis actually happened in 1963. Third Berlin crisis is when you said the WW3 was triggered. If LindJr was President then, he would be 31. But you said it happened in 1989, when LindJr would have been 57.

[link to en.wikipedia.org (secure)] The Tipler Device. Theoretical device.

More importantly:
Tool marks on the ladder matched tools owned by Hauptmann. Wood in the ladder was found to match wood used as flooring in his attic. Dr. Condonís telephone number and address were found scrawled on a door frame inside a closet. Handwriting on the ransom notes matched samples of Hauptmannís handwriting.
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