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Message Subject I went back in time and killed Charles Lindbergh Jr before he became president and started WWIII
Poster Handle Mercury
Post Content
A person's soul is spread out through time.
Like an elongated rope or a stretched out time line, you exist all along it in a stretched out manner.
Where you are now is but a single point in time along that rope/timeline.
In the complete story of you, you exist in many times along that rope, timeline.
From beginning to end, all is known by those who can read your individual timeline from a higher vantage point.

You cannot exist in one part, and not exist in another.
It is fluid and all connected.
Meaning without you in the past, you don't have reason to exist in the future.
Justifiable causality of coming into being.
Without a prior you, the current you ceases to exist.
The story is fluid without any breaks in it.
Death of the body is moving from one point to another through time along your own storyline, or timeline.
If you cease to exist in one time, then all of you ceases to exist in the others as well.
It's instant.
If anywhere along the rope/timeline the connection is broken, then you get stuck in whatever time you were last in.
Sometimes left to repeat that timeline over and over.
Sometimes someone is sent back to retrieve them to make the continuity whole again.
And sometimes people are reinserted back into a certain timeline to repair the continuity of it.

On occasion, people have been known to realize their own timelines and return on their own.
But that's the equivalent of going through a black hole and retaining your prior life memories of who you were before you entered.
It's damn near impossible to achieve that, and very few ever do.
I have, but I am one of the few who made it there and back in one piece.
Parts of me are still scattered about through various times, but for the most part, this me here and now is mostly intact with who I am to be at this time.
I am for the most part, in alignment sync with where I should be for this period of time, in other words.

I am however aware of time slips where I exist just a little ahead of here.
I get glimpses weekly of things ahead...small things.
Time slips, I guess you can call them.
A residual effect from being spread out so far and returning, I guess.

As far as any time machine existing, I know of none.
Not to say they do or do not exist though.
That's most probable actually.
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