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Message Subject I went back in time and killed Charles Lindbergh Jr before he became president and started WWIII
Poster Handle djfxw
Post Content
 Quoting: Mercury 75022989

Soo you use Astral Travel? You came back to 1984? interesting...
 Quoting: djfxw

Sort of, something like that.
I became me who already exists in another future time, is an easier way to put it.
All of me in my entirety, exists as multiple times combined into one.
One of them needed me to come there.
To ensure the me in this now, arrived in the future where I belong, and am currently existing at.
To ensure Earth made it there as well.
I am in my own past by being here in this now.

All of us are in the past.
This time is a recorded time, recalled, and studied by those ahead of us, and is used as a teaching tool in schools and classes, of what not to do.
This is one of Earth's most embarrassing times to be honest with you.
We are seen as barbaric warlike greedy self centered idiots by others more advanced than us.
 Quoting: Mercury 75022989

If you went back in time via a form of Astral Travel, why can't you redo it to go back to your time? Why would someone need to retrieve you? Would they also get stuck?

If we are at every point on our timelines, what was the purpose of you coming back to your point in time of 1987?
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