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Message Subject I went back in time and killed Charles Lindbergh Jr before he became president and started WWIII
Poster Handle Mercury
Post Content
People talk about multiple versions of themselves existing in other times and dimensions.
That is true to some degree.

But the thing that is never talked about, is the undercurrent of time itself.
There exists a future self of you who is in route backwards through time, simultaneously as you are going forwards.
For them, time runs forward as normal.
Seeing them from your perspective, it is running backwards.
To them, they know the outcome, but not how they got there.
For you, you know where you currently are, but not where you will be.
One knows one part, the other knows the other part.

The hitch is that many times the future self goes back and erases and adjusts things in the past, which effects you directly in your future.
They may have greed or revenge on their mind, and go back in time and do things that you have to pay for in the future.
You ending up eating dirt, meanwhile they are back in your past destroying everything you have done, to benefit themselves back in your past.

In other words, if you are too greedy here, you are starving another version of yourself.
By taking too much here, you take from yourself in a other time.
Someone gets the short end of the stick, and in all cases, it ultimately comes back to you who did it to yourself.
Because you are successful now, does not mean that there isn't another you suffering miserably begging for help somewhere else.

I have learned to take only what I need, and nothing more.
That way I don't end up screwing myself over in another time.
Then the one who is traveling against the current, is not at odds with the other one who is traveling the other direction.
It's give and take.
Everything comes back to itself, fully realized the consequences of it's prior actions.
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