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Message Subject The Anomaly is the stone that the builders rejected
Poster Handle THe UnToUcHaBLe 717 (101)
Post Content
how will you destroy him...online with false accusation and blatant disrespect...do you think that is feasible to destroy him...or are you going to get off of your ass and pay him a visit...you know what eye think...his energy is so strong...that you cannot get within 50 feet of him with out being overcome by his energy and die a horrible death because no outsiders are allowed...lol
 Quoting: THe UnToUcHaBLe 717 (101) 75136422

I'm sorry but where's that laughing meme when you need it?

Your energy can do go certain places that others can....because you are darkness and darkness alone....
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 62940023

you would need a meme dumbass...but you know better than to mess with me physically ...lol
 Quoting: THe UnToUcHaBLe 717 (101) 75136422

How would she know better? You act like we're supposed to know who the fuck you are.

See, you dont want to be left alone. If you wanted to be left alone, you wouldnt be here.

Nobody believes anything you say. You cant come to terms that nobody cares what you say.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 74934717

he does not matter what the fuck you know...eye know what you are not going to do fuck boi...lol
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