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Message Subject The Anomaly is the stone that the builders rejected
Poster Handle Zerubbabel
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It is called escapism... When a man has a hard time accepting reality ... He tends to make up stories to distract himself from facing what is in front of him...the number one movie in America is a superhero movie... The number one channel on YouTube is a game channel...shooting the nose off the Sphinx... Jesus was white in hot ass Africa...all examples of escapism... The man who has a hard time accepting the harsh reality... Will say or do pretty much anything not to face the hard truths of reality...hence the reason these never ending stories have so much traction... Bad part about living in the dream world wanting to escape... You can only sleep for so long until the body does not want sleep anymore and the drugs have worn off...alarm klocks for everyone... Lol
 Quoting: THe UnToUcHaBLe 717 (101) 75148184

Truer words never spoken. It is real in my everyday life. My grandson would spend 24/7 on the Youtube gaming channel if he was allowed. Of course, he can name every superhero and all their "gifts".

As to Jesus, he was most definitely Semite and He was NOT a comely man that we would desire Him for His looks. This is Scriptural. There is, however, LOTS of evidence of black PATRIARCHS (with black hair like wool). The way Jesus has been PORTRAYED, it would have been difficult for Him to even be a CARPENTER with His "dainty hands". We can thank Orthodox Christianity (specifically RCC) for painting such a feminine picture of the Savior. He was (at the least) Brown, with LOTS of muscles and MANLY. No feminine girly-girl could have chased the moneychangers out of the temple and the sheer POWER that emanated from Him, made men shrink back from Him.

As to reality, few can even recognize it when it's biting them in the butt. Our senses are limited and it becomes confusing to us to hear of people who have EXTRA SENSES such as being able to hear color, taste sound, and bunches of other "surreal" senses. I look at some things that do not even appear to others as relevant--until you point it out. The "harsh reality" as you say is invisible to most. When I am faced with an Opiate addict (for example), dainty words and fantasies do not accomplish anything. Tough love is not received very well by them or anyone else, but nothing else seems to get through the sleeping state. It's almost like what Alice Cooper was trying to say when he said: "Break a heart, break a heart of stone--but whatever you do, don't leave it alone.".

Your approach is unorthodox, but if many had seen how I dealt with the problems of teenagers, they would have thought of me as being cruel and unbending. I was not beyond throwing things (by them not AT them) to make my point that what I just heard coming out of their mouth was pure crap or that their defense-mechanisms were useless amongst their peers. I trained 17 boys to totally disarm any attempt at evading the truth. It was remarkably effective. I imagine those moneychangers got the point real quick. It is said that honey sometimes works better than other methods, but sometimes only the bitter truth can be understood.

And then again, there is that proverbial "Klock" I like the analogy. I may not agree with your methodology, but I can't deny much of the truth. Some people here are just beginning to see through the rhetoric and see the truth (and wisdom) of many of the words. You have more friends here than you think. We are ALL waking up.
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