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Message Subject The Anomaly is the stone that the builders rejected
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
//about me?!
nothing special but ghostwriting like ouija/ look, that is mind over matter, i cast a spell in timelapse and not ectoplasma plus iam timeless and this dark hole goes deeper than BPM if your heartbeat stops instead of repeat stuff that leads us to creatures that needs love/ i've wrote this for you because it's DNA that infects us like heat in hell and I'll protect us/ iam not a freak but a healer with text like an axe that cuts some fucking heads off if they don't respect us/ i don't need money, because time runs out and i try to keep love or get sex with all extras/ thats it; you get what you want but you could not believe this is happening, iam fallen and all in one plus one with the frequency/ except what you can not see immediately, because vibrational waves connects us to harmony or tragedy/ you chooses a path without knowing it a long time ago but now it is time to create your own or following the glowing that trapped you into chaos while you think it's your own strategy or destiny and that you are mentally free but i own super powers and melt the capstone to an unknown material that reflects god in evil and evil in good/ than transform it into a needle and catch inner demons to make them believe that they need pieces of peace as a construct of mass destruction but it's a lie/ i can hear angels laughing about it but they are crying/ so tell me who are you? let me know how they call you or I'll give you names that makes you small and not tall through controlled demolition~me's spittin' gunpowder greenlight, that's the foreshock an earthquake follows punchlines in realtime/ daydreamer fuck what you say 'cause i'm ill/ mark my words they burst your bubble and you wake up in a padded cell/ this shit goes far beyond your mind like cosmic rays in space, just relax and read repeat so you can taste the greatest - imitate my shadows, from black through grey to white 'cause i'm the one who came at times where higher realms seems nigh/ and that's what you never expected but i'll show you it's real in retro perspective like you are dying and before your third eye your past life flys by because of electric reactions/ iam not elected but select what happens next with an ancient technic and relax sections in my brain to find the exit without tilting earths axis/ call it magic, a trick or alchemy knowledge but if I drink alcohol with bad people around I will act like an alcoholic and deal damage to everyone that's the reason i smoked pot to cage thoughts and seal a contract with whatever I want/ now show me the enemy and he gets bombed with combat but I stay safe while I'm stealth and healthy/ forget yesterday because tomorrow is now and nothing can change this/ i'll show you the sourcecode through music you listen to so use it as compass that points to the inner direction/ into a world called hall of cubes in mind that is just inception of everything else you can imagine~or a world outside where false prophets and wrong signs brings pain to perception/ so what about me? nothing special i'm just a nobody; like you and you and youBut~together we create the whole body//

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 75231431

Yep, I'm not special either. I'm no better then you, me, and I that I am. Maybe not. I can't be. I'm just imagining things here. Like, how could I now? It's not like I didn't waste my life on y'all for nothing, now did I? Hopefully I don't have to make nobody's life hell, because nobody deserves it, I included.
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