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Message Subject At my wits end after 2 years of trying to get a divorce...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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why dont you just ignore her requests, and tell her to get a lawyer if she wants any custody. who cares if there are no signed divorce papers, unless u want to marry again.

save all her correspondence and represent yourself against her hired lawyer if she ever hires one. tell her she can have limited visits, and just when u thinks its safe.

put it in writing and have her sign it, or dont bring the kid over otherwise.

act strong.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 46576536

Thank you for the suggestions but I am legally obligated by the agreement which we both signed & thus my current worry, stress & sleepless nights.
 Quoting: Use your brian, moran!

File an "Emergency motion for child visitation modification" with the court in person, representing yourself pro se.

Find iut who the judge is and speak directly to that judge's clerk. Explain the need to be seen as soon as possible because it involves the welfare and safety of your child. Be sure to send a certified copy of the motion to your ex.

You can find examples of emergency motions for child visitation on the web using a search engine.

You can also look at paralegal services to do the paperwork for you for about 20% the cost of an attorney. You would still represent yourself in court, but they would handle all the paperwork and file the motion(s).

I've been in your shoes and it sucks to feel powerless. Best of luck to you brother and remember there will be an and to this nightmare. Stay strong for your son.
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