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Message Subject At my wits end after 2 years of trying to get a divorce...
Poster Handle NuckinFutz!
Post Content
Our 8 year old Son lives with me, in a house we started buying from the bank not even a year before she lost her mind & started partying, drinking, doing street drugs & we agreed to not share a room. At the time I was able to afford an attorney & I have court orders stating that our Son lives with me & she gets odd weekends. She hasn't been living in the house or contributing to it in 15+ months. She refuses to sign any divorce papers which do not include the sale of the house that our Son & I live in, even though she's been informed, repeatedly, that, due to her not having contributed to the mortgage or house in any way, I am legally entitled to reimbursement for the 15+ months & the realtor commission, closing costs & a couple of minor fix/repair/replace issues would leave little to know money after the sale & do little more than remove the roof from over our Son's head.
She has told me, over the last 30 or so days, that, due to her (legitimate) health issues, she cannot watch him 100% of the time & now informs me that she is unable to afford his basic needs(food, drink, allergy medicine) & I'm legally obligated, by our Temporary Court Orders, to drop him off this Friday, so he can stay for the month of July, with a woman who admitted, in FaceBook Messenger(yes, I saved it), she is unable to watch him 100% of the time & now informs me that she is unable to afford his basic needs.
I'm losing sleep, might be getting a damn ulcer(near constant stomach pain) & dealing with a hell of a lot more pain than what I usually live with, day in & day out because one of the worst things for it is stress(I'm dissable due to multiple, consecutive, herniated discs, made worse by 2 consecutive back surgeries).
I met with an attorney who was very open & direct with me. Due to my having lost my previous attorney, in part due to missing monthly payments(my ex left me with all of the bills, credit card debt, everything), the chance of my finding an attorney who would let me make payments rhymes with "about hero" & that I need to come up with $3,500-$4,500 to see this through. "Come up with that", he says, "& I'll gladly take the case, get you what you're asking for & entitled to & put a stop to the harassment.". Great, I'll just go home & start pruning back the Money Tree in my back yard & be back tomorrow....
I don't know what to do or where to turn to protect my Son & stop the insanity & just needed to vent.

I know TLDR(but to those who did, it means a lot, thank you very much indeed).
 Quoting: Use your brian, moran!

I will pray for you and your son for a better outcome and brighter future. Best of luck!

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