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Message Subject "Universal Basic Income" makes sense even for Republicans IF they actually do the math.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Universal Basic Income? Are you f*cking serious? Look I'm all for having a safety net, I had to use it when I was in my early 20's getting my career and family started, but I had no one paying my rent (I spent $3000 on a piece of shyt trailer 3 bedrooms 1 bath), but hey that got me through the beginning of my career. It wasn't fancy, it had roaches, it sucked living in the ghetto lol, but I'd rather it be by my hand that I pulled myself up.

You give a mouse a cookie...

What's next a basic cars? basic cable for everyone? get real.

I'm glad I had nothing coming out of high school. No father (dead), no mother (told me to get out now I was 19), nothing. Got a job as a cook. Now I'm a professional chef. People need to stop being lazy and unrealistic in their careers.
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Read this thread. Already explained and makes prefect sense.
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