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Message Subject "Universal Basic Income" makes sense even for Republicans IF they actually do the math.
Poster Handle Copperhead
Post Content
Instead of just reflexively opposing a Basic Income in the US, the Republicans should actually look at the advantages.

If the new Basic Income Law is passed so that it completely REPLACES welfare payments, food stamps, Social Security payments, disability payments, and ALL other government payments, the savings in paper shuffling and bureaucracy alone would pay for the new program.

Also, by writing the new law to apply to "US Citizens ONLY," it would eliminate Billions of dollars in payments to illegals in all of those replaced programs.

A Basic Income would also increase the buying power for retailers, etc. This idea makes perfect sense from both a liberal and conservative perspective.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 75011669

At the end of the month the tards would be whining to the government that they have nothing to eat and the kids are starving, but they'd have lots of beer, weed, cigarettes and new tattoos.

Too many low IQ liberals can't budget and spend money wisely to receive a monthly payment.
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