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Hey Nintendo! Mini Snes aka mini super famicon!

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 75171876
07/08/2017 03:59 PM
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Hey Nintendo! Mini Snes aka mini super famicon!
Nintendo, you are reproducing the old super famicon, you did this thing before with the classic mini NES. Many of us missed this genial MOVE and were not able to buy!

Why the hell dont you produce more units? WHY?

All units are sold out on day one, three months before they even are available. On ebay, moon-sellers are advertising them for at least the tripple price.

Just produce a lot more of them, dont repeat the same failure you did with the classic mini NES.
Our Generation wants this console and i believe the many more then me are pissed off, not to get one!

After a lot of waging, no i wont buy your switch. Never bought one of the new gens, but i definetly would buy one of your relaunches in a shop!

Are you blind?
I would even buy a NES for 100 if it was unpacked and original, including some nice games.

Please produce a lot of them so we can buy them. Fuck EBAY!

Remeber how the superfamicon made you dollars!

Europe wants to play Earthbound!

BTW, make it possible to download games again in the playstore.

I would have lost a lot of money to Nintendo, if you had followed my tips a year ago!
Paying a lot of money to you!