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Republican Pussies

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United States
07/18/2017 06:31 PM

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Republican Pussies
I'm so pissed off at the Republicans... They should call themselves the party of losers. Got the presidency, Senate and house and can't get a damn thing done. Fuck all of them! The democrats may pass bad legislation but at least they do something other than break the promises that got them into office.

I say we vote evey single one of these rat bastards out of office and start over! Better yet, let's march on Washington with pitchforks and boiled rope. Either way is fine with me as the current system is completely fucked up!

We are heading to civil war and I really don't care anymore. If the country has to split up to fix the incredibly fucked up mess then so be it. Pick your side boys and girls. What do the rest of you think? You see any way out of this other than a civil war?
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