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United States
08/03/2017 04:41 AM
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I have a friend of mine that has been going thru it with his girlfriend and now has just recently found out that she isnpregnant with triplets and had a tumor in her breast. They don't have any idea how far along she is, and to top it off she already had her tubes tied years ago but somme how super sperm not nailed it times 3. What are the odds? I have watched their relationshipn since it started a couple years ago and for thhhhh most part they are pretty good together. What I don't see us him stwpping up and asking him to marry her or do what I had said for some time now and find them their own place and get a job or start up his miitary benefits she feels like he will feel ob ligat ed and she doesn't really care either way because she never got into this for the money. Now I'm finding out that u had a child with someob e that he has never mentioned in another city and as much as he woukdnlike tondoesnt really participate with hisbtwobyounggg child ren. I dont know if I should be nlpainfully honest and tell her not to go thru with this or if the benefit of the doubt will be the wagon grace. I mean to be the most supportive because this is as much a blessing as it isnoverwhelming. Anyobe have any advixw?

User ID: 20619571
08/03/2017 04:54 AM

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Re: Triplets
Anyobe have any advixw?

Two advises:
Use a spell checker and paragraphs.

Go back to facebook
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