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Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is not Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

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03/17/2007 06:01 AM
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Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is not Khalid Sheikh Mohammed
Refer to [link to iamthewitness.com]
for photographic evidences.

Terror Mastermind KSM is an Imposter - The Confession is Fake

by Christopher Bollyn
16 March 2007

The person who is said to be Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM) clearly does not appear to be the person who masterminded the attacks of 911. It does not appear that he has ever masterminded anything.

He seems to be an imposter, a feeble-minded "fall guy," who has been tortured and whose mind has been manipulated in order to make these incredible claims.


It was reported on March 1, 2003, that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed had been captured during a raid on an apartment in Rawalpindi, the sister city of the Pakistani capital, Islamabad:

"According to the local media, Khalid was seized while in the house of one Ahmed Abdul Qudoos, who, it turns out, is a mentally feeble person - he is also being held in custody as an al-Qaeda member - and as such receives a regular stipend from a United Nations organization,"
- Pakistani journalist Syed Saleem Shahzad, early March 2003.
Source: www.atimes.com/atimes/South_Asia/EC06Df04.html

This was reported in the Pakistani and Indian press, which carried photos of the feeble-minded Ahmed Abdul Qudoos. It is also reported near the bottom of the following page with a photo of the arrested feeble-minded Qudoos.

Note the heavy-set frame, the nearly closed eyes, and the grey sideburn in front of Qudoos right ear.

Ahmed Abdul Qadus (in handcuffs) at an anti-terrorist court in Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Source: www.tribuneindia.com/2003/20030309/world.htm

The caption to the above photo of Qudoos (also spelled Qadus):

Ahmed Abdul Qadus (centre) is brought to an anti-terrorist court in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, on Saturday. Qadus, an activist of the Jamat-e-Islami, was arrested earlier this month with Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, suspected mastermind of the September 11, 2001, terror attacks in the USA. — AP/PTI

Now compare that person's face with that of the alleged terror mastermind, KSM:

KSM (left)

Ahmed Abdul Qadus (right)

Again you will see that the suspect called KSM has the grey sideburns, heavy frame, and lazy eyes of Qudoos. So. The confessed terror mastermind is actually Ahmed Abdul Qadus. The real KSM was killed on September 11, 2002, as was reported in the Pakistani press at the time.

Another view of the person who is said to be Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

By comparison, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed before his arrest showed a sign of intelligence.


The first indication that this is not the real KSM, and that we are talking about two different people is the fact that the person making the confession in the secret military tribunal in Cuba can barely speak English.

The real KSM, on the other hand, was educated in the United States and had obtained a degree in mechanical engineering from an American university in 1986.

The really poor English found in the recent confession does not fit with a U.S.-educated engineer.
See: [link to news.bbc.co.uk]

The real KSM was fluent in Arabic, English and Urdu:
See: www.tribuneindia.com/2003/20030304/main4.htm

The real KSM attended Chowan College, a small Baptist school in Murfreesboro, North Carolina, for at least one semester in 1983, according to Sarah Ward, spokesperson for the college.

KSM then transferred to North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University and completed a degree in mechanical engineering in 1986. This was confirmed by Nettie Rowland of the university office.

The real KSM was a person who had traveled and worked across Asia and had lived in many foreign countries, from the United States to the Philippines to Bosnia.

The real KSM would have simply had to have had a much greater command of the English language than what we see in the 26-page transcript of the recent confession.


Syed Saleem Shahzad, a senior political correspondent with the Dawn Group of newspapers in Karachi, Pakistan, reported in October 2002 that "Khalid Shaikh Mohammed" had been killed in a raid carried out by the FBI and ISI in Karachi on September 11, 2002:

Now it has emerged that Kuwaiti national Khalid Shaikh Mohammed did indeed perish in the raid, but his wife and child were taken from the apartment and handed over to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), in whose hands they remain," Shahzad reported on 30 October 2002.


Initially, the joint ISI-FBI plan was to take Shaikh Mohammed alive so that he could be grilled, especially as he was believed to have knowledge of other al-Qaeda cells in Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen and elsewhere. However, as a plain clothed officer climbed the stairs toward the third-floor apartment, a hand grenade was thrown, and he retreated. Reinforcements then arrived, and for the next few hours a fierce gun battle blazed.

The FBI, still keen to take Shaikh Mohammed alive, tear gassed the area, and a number of people were captured. However, despite instructions to the contrary, a few Pakistan Rangers entered the flat, where they found Shaikh Mohammed and another man, allegedly with their hands up. The Rangers nevertheless opened fire on the pair.

Later, the Pakistani press carried pictures of a message scrawled in blood on the wall of the flat, proclaiming the Muslim refrain of Kalma, in Arabic: "There is no God except Allah, Mohammed is his messenger"). An official who was present in the flat at the time of the shooting has told Asia Times Online that the message was written by Shaikh Mohammed with his own blood as his life drained from him.

Source: www.atimes.com/atimes/South_Asia/DJ30Df01.html

On March 6, 2003, Shahzad wrote again about the mystery surrounding whether KSM was alive or dead in an article entitled "Khalid: A test for US credibility."

The following is a reconstruction of events that were widely reported in the Pakistani print and electronic media, and information gathered from intelligence sources.

The building stands alone, with no access to the ones next door. Initially, a few plain clothed officials (including a major of the ISI and a civilian inspector) entered the building and urged the people inside to evacuate. A grenade was then thrown, which injured the major and the inspector, forcing them to retreat.

Fresh troops then entered the building, and a fierce gun battle broke out. At this point, according to an eyewitness, a car carrying a few "white people" was seen speeding away from the scene. Tear gas was then fired into the building, and the shooting subsided.

Pakistan Rangers along with many plain clothed officials and police surged into the building and fired at two men in one of the flats, who were standing with their hands up. One of these turned out to be Ramzi Binalshibh, who had wanted to join the 19 hijackers for the attacks on the US but who had been unable to get a US visa. He was taken into custody.

Nine other suspected terrorists were captured, and two were killed. A woman FBI official examined the bodies, and, as reported by an ISI official, suddenly exclaimed, "You have killed Khalid Shaikh Mohammad." The woman then instructed that a finger be cut off the body, which she took away, presumably for a DNA test.

Khalid's wife and child were taken away to an ISI safe house in the vicinity where they were interrogated by the FBI, and it is said that the woman identified one of the bodies as Khalid. Several weeks after this incident, the then interior minister, Moinuddin Haider, stated in the country's largest Urdu-language newspaper that Khalid's widow had been handed over to Egyptian authorities.

Apparently, neither of the bodies was buried, a departure from usual custom, and they were kept in a private mortuary operated by the Edhi Home, a charity organization. After several weeks, some women, said to be widows and mothers of those killed in Kashmir and Afghanistan, launched a protest in front of the mortuary for the bodies to be handed over.

Again, according to Pakistan print media reports, these protest turned into big demonstrations which forced the authorities to issue a statement that the bodies had been buried in a local, unidentified, graveyard.

ISI officials close to the case at this time were convinced, as were the FBI, that Khalid had been killed. But they chose not to disclose the death as they wanted other al-Qaeda members to attempt to remain in contact with him through the recovered satellite telephones, mobile phones and laptop computers.

Is Ahmed Abdul Qudoos being used as the imposter for the dead KSM? Is this all a big deception to use a feeble-minded person as the scapegoat for all of the false flag terror attacks of the past 14 years? If it is, and it certainly appears to be, it is about as low as a government can possibly go.

Unless the person who is claiming to be the terror mastermind of 911 is brought to the United States and put on trial in which all the evidence is presented, there is nothing to convince us that there is any truth in these incredible claims coming from a super-secret tribunal held behind the closed doors of Camp Delta in Quantanamo, Cuba.


William Doyle, who lost his son on 9/11, heads a relatives' group called the Coalition of 9/11 Families. Asked about the recent confession to the super-secret military tribunal in Cuba, Doyle said it was "sickening."

"This is a complete new low," Doyle said. "The administration is using him as a fall guy for the continuing cover-up of the U.S. government."

"He should be brought to the United States to face trial," Doyle said. "He is not the only one involved."

"Who financed him?" Doyle asked. Doyle noted that the government has classified 28 pages from the bi-partisan investigation into 9/11 from 2002.

"The administration has information about where he got the money," Doyle said. "Our government knows. Why aren't these people being questioned?"

"At least there was a trial in Germany where all the evidence was presented," he said, referring to the Hamburg trial of terror suspect Mounir el Motassadeq.

This Ahmed Abdul Qadus is the person who is being presented to the world as Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. This is an imposter and the confession is a fraud - and the military and government know it.

For more info:
When and Where was Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Captured - or Killed?

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03/17/2007 06:12 AM
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Re: Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is not Khalid Sheikh Mohammed
Cheney endorses simulated drowning

Says use of water boarding to get terrorist intelligence is ‘no brainer’

[link to www.msnbc.msn.com]

It doesn't matter who he is, what matters is what the sheepsies believe.
Over the side and damn the barracuda
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United States
11/18/2009 01:00 AM
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Re: Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is not Khalid Sheikh Mohammed
top rate information.....will explore this further

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United States
11/18/2009 01:13 AM
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Re: Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is not Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

by Christopher Bollyn

 Quoting: tachik0ma 207083

lol Christopher Bollyn? A Muslim shill for sure..who gives him money?

Solidarity with Christopher Bollyn

[link to islamic-intelligence.blogspot.com]

And speaking of shills, Tach..are still supporting hizbullah like a good little dhimmi or have you fully converted to the death cult?

This is pure Muslim propaganda
For I would not, brethren, that ye should be ignorant of this mystery, lest ye should be wise in your own conceits; that blindness in part is happened to Israel, until the fulness of the Gentiles be come in.