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Message Subject Mexican neighbor got disability, walks upstairs. My white cousin legit disabled, was turned down
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Many Mexicans claim disability by pretending to be hurt and injured from their work environment. It's very easy to fake because all they have to do is find and hire any Mexican lawyer that's hungry for more cases, there are plenty of them.

They send them to their bunk chiropractor as proof and workers comp gets involved. It never goes to trial because the insurance company 99% of the time settle. Guy gets his tiny settlement pay, lawyer is happy because he can add it to his resume, everyone forgets about it and we as tax payers pay for this assholes disability.

This system is broken and corrupt to hell. If we forced all these claims to go through the courts and not allow settlements, a good chunk of this stuff wouldn't be happening.

You hire Mexicans for cheap labor, you get what you deserve I guess.
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