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Message Subject The McCain was fully disabled and not moving when the merchant oil tanker hit it 100% proof !
Poster Handle jake
Post Content
Gunner Wolfe · GM2 at United States Navy
it's called "optimal manning" also known as undermanned vessel with long watches. the navy has been calling the DDG the work horse of the fleet for a reason... they work the shit out of them and the sailors. in for a few weeks out for a month... in for a week out for 3. now with longer sea rotations it's going to get worse. you can only get so much quality and quantity out of a human for so long before they need a recharge to maintain that standard. it's not just the watches... you have non stop drills at all hours, watches, and trouble calls for gear... when you underman techs the ones you do have get burnt out quick and make mistakes. makes sense they try and use any slow time they might get to doze off.... watch just happens to be the slow time ( as compared to hands in gear or running drills).
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