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Message Subject The McCain was fully disabled and not moving when the merchant oil tanker hit it 100% proof !
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Just to bump my own post onto page 2.

Amazing timing by the BBC!

What this security expert is saying is that he knows that seizing control of a vessel in order to cause a collision is actually possible.

It's no good having the world's strongest navy if you can't berth your ships in a safe place.

There really is something amiss. What the hell is going on?
 Quoting: LunaFlora

Take a read of this interesting article from the BBC a few days ago, and scroll down to where it talks about seizing control of a ship.

[link to www.bbc.com]

"Ecdis systems pretty much never have anti-virus," says Mr Saunders, pointing out the vulnerability. "I don't think I've ever encountered a merchant ship Ecdis unit that had anti-virus on it."

These incidents are hugely disruptive to maritime businesses, but truly catastrophic scenarios might involve a hacker attempting to sabotage or even destroy a ship itself, through targeted manipulation of its systems.

Could that happen? Could, for example, a determined and well-resourced attacker alter a vessel's systems to provoke a collision?

"It's perfectly feasible," says Mr Saunders. "We've demonstrated proof-of-concept that that could happen."
 Quoting: BBC

 Quoting: henryk 68309252

 Quoting: henryk 68309252

Of course it is possible.

US Navy ships are running on Microsoft Windows platform. Extensively modified, of course, but still.
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