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Message Subject The McCain was fully disabled and not moving when the merchant oil tanker hit it 100% proof !
Poster Handle Shamrock007
Post Content
This is war. Secret war with China. Somehow, they have the tech to scramble or disarm the electronics on a Navy ship. Same thing happened to the Fitzgerald. This is war with China folks, nothing less.
 Quoting: hollyavila

I think you are correct. The chances of a Navy destroyer accidentally hitting a large shipping vessel (or getting hit by) is almost 0. They have radar, they have people observing on deck, hell they have automated collision alarms when anything gets within 2 football fields. Even basic fishing boats you see on TV shows have automated collision alarms. Now we are expected to believe this has happened twice now??????

They are covering this up because

A. they obviously can't stop whats disabling our ships

B. If the public finds out they will want war with the country doing it to us and obviously if we can't stop them from EMPing our ships (maybe works on planes also) then we are at huge disadvantage in a war.

Might be why they had almost every Carrier in the US fleet in port at around the same time a few months back. Getting retro-fitted with EMP shielding?
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