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Message Subject Events After The Eclipse 2017!!!Updated For 2019
Poster Handle TheOracle'sCookie
Post Content
Hey Goofy!

Sorry I missed this thread--coming in really late.

Just thought it was a coincidence (like minds think alike!)
that I was also hosting a thread about whether or NOT the
8-21-2017 Grand Eclipse was a "sign" or not.

This is the thread if you want to check it out:
Thread: "Great American Eclipse" NOT an OMEN/Sign? LV Mass Shooting, 4 Hurricanes, X-Class Flares, 9-23 and Global Quakes changed your mind?

For me, personally, I had a revelation of sorts right
before and after the eclipse, finding the ECLIPSE DATE
(8-2017) couple of days before....then the word VIRGO
and the scripture reference REV.12:23 in the Last Supper

I don't claim that this was "God speaking to me" or any
kind of psychic experience, though I was really blown-away
by finding these references. I've been working on the
DaVinci codes for 5 years, so this isn't "out of the blue"
--it certainly is interesting, though!

Thanks for posting this thread. (I'm updating my thread
until September 30th as well....EXPECT A MIRACLE! I AM.)

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