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Message Subject Events After The Eclipse 2017!!!Updated For 2019
Poster Handle Goofy for God
Post Content
I think part of the problem--as I see it, anyways
--is that we are not ONLY seeing an up-tick in
"unprecedented UNUSUAL news" since the Eclipse--
but ALSO an up-tick in people just "losing it."

We cannot just think that the solar energies that are
causing these earth changes we are seeing--like today's
7.3 pt. quake in Iraq coincidentally coming right after
a 1,000,000s-mile-long filament eruption and "Hyder Flare"
over 1/3rd the sun's surface from THAT--are not ALSO
CAUSING people to have trouble with their thinking.

It goes hand-in-hand and unfortunately, is going to play
a bigger part in derailing attempts at trying to help "wake
people up" in these later days.

Just a thought. Great thread, by the way!

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