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Why the misteries of the sky attract so many people?

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 75457835
09/01/2017 11:40 PM
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Why the misteries of the sky attract so many people?
Because we wonder of the marvels of a clear night with those remote dots of light and we wonder why are there.

Because we understand that we live in another bright spot.

Because we want to know what the meaning of what we see is, and how vast it is.

Because it makes as to wonder what are we really are, why
do we exists, and why do we are here.

Because it makes as wonder if someday we will be able to
"touch" them, by reaching there.

Because we wonder if they will fall upon us.

Because we wonder how many bright spots are there, and why.

And for some of us, make us wonder how God did it.

These doubts, admitations, fears and ambitions fill the mind
of the very young and the very old who didn't lost the touch
with such a majestuosity.

And the cycle will perpetuate, from children to elders. But,
when we grow, we forget to look at the skies.

This mistake make as blind with earthly issues. But, sometimes, having the chance to be outside and with our mind
cleared of stupid or unsolvable problems, we rise our heads and look at the skies in awe, and we start the cycle that we
started were we were childs.

Because of this, any topic about the great misteries of the
universe receive great attention of the lay men and the educated one. Because we know that God is, somehow, out there and, maybe, at every place at the same time.