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Message Subject AMERICA Denies The Command To Repent Again Destruction Comes
Poster Handle CELT1
Post Content
The line in the creed about believing in the holy catholic church would probably be why he wouldn't recite it.
 Quoting: The Semi Shut In

Please refer to my previous post. Protestant churches around the world and throughout history have recited and used it as a simple article of their faith.
 Quoting: InPneuma

 Quoting: JustTheFactsPlease

No its not BS.. I have attended almost every church group type in my area and every one of them uses it... Lutheran.. Pentecostal.. Presby... and the every day supposedly non denominational.

So ye Believe Those Churches Are Saved Because They Quote A Verse? A Greed Of Romans?... Sad

Have ye Read Those Bibles yeselves?...

Did They Pass Around Those Plates To Fill?...

The First Church I Ever Steeped Into Was At 9 Years Old... Went To The Front Row Right In Front Of The preacher Laid Down And Went To Sleep For I Knew Then The preacher Was Condemning his Flock... True Story...
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